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Rube Goldberg Project
Jackson and I have drawn our sketch and we have started building, we are almost done building. We have spent a lot of time trying to find out all of our steps for the machine to take. It was really hard for us to find the last three steps but we figu (More)
The Idea
When Ian and I got to Jonny's house Jonny told us about his Idea. We were going to hit a water bottle into a cooler. Ian and I agreed. We started building, but we had one problem. How are we going to get an object to the top of the cooler. That's whe (More)
What I Think We're Doing Wrong in Rube Goldberg
I think that Jonny, Ian, and I should try to shorten our Rube Goldberg because we aren't meeting every day and our Rube Goldberg is pretty long. Ā I think we should also shorten it because since we don't meet that much we won't have that much time to (More)
Tweaking Our Rube Goldberg
The last time our Rube Goldberg group met we wanted to make sure our courseĀ worked. We did it over and over until we were satisfied. We made adjustments to the car and the dominoes after the marble track. Now we know that our Rube Goldberg works. We (More)
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