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My Expert Book Reflection
I Wrote my expert book about bat/bar mitzvahs. The whole class wrote expert books too. I picked this topic because I know a lot about bat/bar mitzvahs. We all wrote (More)
‘Keep your claws off those cat paws’ may soon be New Jersey's message to vets
In the article, Keep your claws off those cat paws may soon be New Jersey's message to vets, New Jersey thinks it is cruel to declaw a cat leading to a ban on (More)
Cats, a history: Grain guards, Egyptian gods, Garfields and Grumpy Cat
In this article it talked about the history of cat’s and how they were tamed and how cats help us in many ways that we may or may not know. I’m notici (More)
Science Day 1
In this lesson, I learned what an engineer was, and what technology was. I realized that there is a lot of technology in the world, and I didn't even know it! I predict that my water filter will have a few fails before it works. One thing I enjoyed d (More)
My Caine's Arcade Final Reflection
This is my Caine's Arcade Final Reflection.   After the Caine’s arcade project I learned one important thing about myself. I do not plan well, I just wing it. With a better plan I would not have had some many problems while building my gam (More)
Lets Make a Bridge!
         Yesterday my class talked about making Bridges. We really talked about what an engineer  is and does. (More)
Botswana Slideshow
Here is my presentation Thank you for watching (More)
The doorbell of little bits
The start to a invention of little bits. This is the star (More)
My Libya slideshow!
Here is my slideshow presentation (More)
Capstone 5
My main question is Is video games art? Many people say that but than the definition of art is creativity and ideas  made by mankind. So, doesn't this prove that video games are art? One example is "Simply expressed, you can put a movie in a video ga (More)
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