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Seedfolks response
I notice that Kim is a foolish girl. Of course a photograph will not justĀ move. Of course Kim's fathers eyes will not move to look at Kim. It is just a photograph. Yet, Kim still wonders if his father's eyes will turn to look at her. In the book it s (More)
Passion project
If I could write anything I could write about and learn more about it would be minecraft. It would be minecraft because it is something I use a lot of free time doing minecraft and, because I have a lot to write about. I also want to know a few stuff (More)
5B Arcade
In my class we are making a cardboard arcade Its just like Kaine's Arcade. So far the games Ā Whac-A-Mole, Lottery, and Skeeball.Ā We are making prizes and have a ton of tickets. The prizes we make are pretty cool we have light sabers, grappling hooks, (More)
Our graph shows that our second launch was 41 meters higher than our first launch. Our group was excited and knew that the changes we made were a good idea. First of all we changed our nose cone from paper to a 3D printed nose cone. Our second change (More)
Wizard of oz epliogue
Dorothy was at home but meanwhile in the dessert... Oz was stranded a long way from home lucky for him he was partly prepared he had food for a week but his food was running low he knew there was a small chance of survival. The lion was ruling the fo (More)
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