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Greatest Invention? Kindergarten
Ms. Meyer prepares her students for a weather report. Mitchel Resnick of the MIT Media Lab, calls kindergarten the More)
I am a Sunflower
I am sitting in Scarsdale at Heathcote school in the garden In the deep dirt hide my roots   I am a Sunflower   The warm breezy wind on this sunny day is blowing my leaves around   I am a Sunflower   Oh (More)
Bye bye plastic bags
I liked the book One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul, because I thought it was interesting that someone made a bag out of plastic. I also liked it because, some people thought Isatou was making a random thing then it turned out it was a cool bag. The boo (More)
My Moon Unit Reflection
Hello! and for all 28 days I have been observing the moon, I saw many different ones. At first I did not know anything about waxing and waning now I know so much about waxing and waning. The most exiting day was the 14th day because it was the full M (More)
Reaching for the Sky
Two young sisters show that creative, problem solvers can accomplish anything, including the seemingly impossible. Watch how these girls started with a seed idea, then launch (More)
Nature's Nighttime Light Show
The Northern Lights is a phenomenon that creates one of Nature's most beautiful light shows. Take a look at the video of the lights below, then read more about them here. In t (More)
The Mystery of the Moving Stones
Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of the "slithering stones" of Death Valley (California). These volcanic rocks have been known to move by themselves across the riverbed. No one has recor (More)
Can They? Yes They Can.
This commercial from Microsoft shows the reality that girls today are unlikely to pursue or achieve in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and how this reality can motivate today's girls to think about the possibilitie (More)
Caine's Arcade
We finished our Caine's Arcade projects! We let 1st graders play them and it was a blast. Here is my reflection on it. Today we let 1st graders play our game and took our games home. I learned a lot of lessons during this unit. I learned that I wo (More)
Rube Goldberg Machine
Last week Jackson and I also did trials 5-15 and we finally got it on the fifteenth trial. On the fifth trial the golf ball did not have enough power to hit the board game boxes down. That was a recurring issue and we had to find the perfect place to (More)
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