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Nature's Nighttime Light Show
The Northern Lights is a phenomenon that creates one of Nature's most beautiful light shows. Take a look at theĀ video of the lights below, thenĀ read more about them here. In t (More)
The Mystery of the Moving Stones
Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of the "slithering stones" of Death Valley (California). These volcanic rocks have been known to move by themselves across the riverbed. No one has recor (More)
Can They? Yes They Can.
This commercial from Microsoft shows the realityĀ that girls today are unlikely to pursue or achieve in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and how this reality can motivate today's girls to think aboutĀ the possibilitie (More)
Rube Goldberg Machine
Last week Jackson and I also did trials 5-15 and we finally got it on the fifteenth trial. On the fifth trial the golf ball did not have enough power to hit the board game boxes down. That was a recurring issue and we had to findĀ the perfect place to (More)
Rube Goldberg Machine
Jackson and I have started doing our iMovie and it is working out really well. We put all of our fails in it because it is only 14 fails and on the fifthteenth time it actually worked. We added a lot of cool music that would go with our fails. We als (More)
Rube Goldberg
Last week Jackson and I started our trials for our Rube Goldberg. On the first trial it almost worked but the lego tower that we built was just a bit too close to the basketball hoop so it did not work. If the lego tower was just a bit more away from (More)
Caines arcade final reflection 2017
I learned a lot from doing this project. One thing I learned about myself was that I talk a lot to my friends and then ask my teacher, Mr lebowitz to bail me out. For example I was way behind because I had decided to start a whole new game. I spen (More)
Science 5B
In science today my class learnedĀ about Ā what is technology and what is an engineer. I think that it was cool to learn about how we thought that many things weren't Ā technology when they were for example they were a broom can be technology even thoug (More)
Engineering and Technology science
Today we learned about what technology is and what an engineer is. At first I thought that technology was something that can do something partially on its own. Then I learned that it is actuality made by humans that helps make problems easier, and th (More)
Science 5th Grade
Today, a woman named Mrs. KyleĀ taught us what technology is and what an engineer is. Technology is anything that was made by a human, like a chair is technology, and a pair of roller blades, whichĀ secludesĀ . An engineer is someone who improves someth (More)
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