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My Soccer Dream Team!
Hi guys! I can't believe that I have time to make another blog post! This post is going to be about my official soccer dream team. So, here I present to you, "The best soccer team in the world"! GK: Manuel Nuer (Bayern Munich) LB: Marcelo (Real (More)
FIFA Confederations Cup
Hi guys! Welcome to my post! Today, I will be talking about the FIFA Confederations Cup. The FIFA Confederations Cup is an exciting soccer tournament for eight international teams (tho (More)
The FIFA World Cup!
Hi guys welcome to my post! Today, we will be talking about the FIFA World Cup. Before we talk about the FIFA World Cup, let's talk about what the World Cup even is! The FIFA World Cup is a tournament fo (More)
FIFA 17's New Addition!
Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! This post is going to be an amazing one! Today we will be talking about the soccer video game, FIFA 17 and its new addition. The game, FIFA 17 is so fun. There has also been FIFA 16, FIFA 15, and so on, but they'r (More)
Even more Winners?
Hi guys! Welcome to my next post! Today, I will be talking about the UEFA Champions League Finals! The UEFA Champions League is a tournament for the best teams in Europe. The first round of the t (More)
Who held up the Trophy this time?
Hello! Today I will be talking about the FA Cup winners. The FA cup is a tournament for teams all around England, but only for the 3 best leagues in England. Those are the More)
The Premier League has now ended. By the end of the league, their has to be a winner. Guess what, there was a winner! Do you want to know who? It was More)
The Premier League
Hi guys! Today, I will be posting about the Premier League. The Premier League is a soccer league. It is one of the best two leagues in the whole entire world! There are so many great players, teams, and games! I think that it’s the best soccer leagu (More)
My Expert Book
In my class we had to write an expert book. An expert book is something that you know a lot about that's why I picked mine on soccer. Hope you like my book. (More)

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