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My Weekend Soccer game
On Sunday May 7th my team and I played a soccer game against Mamaroneck  at Mamaroneck school and my team played really well so we won! In the first half of the game the score w (More)
cavaliers lost:(
The cavaliers lost the finals of the NBA, I am really sad because the  Cleveland Cavaliers are my favorite basketball team. The series ended in 3-1 golden state the final score of game 5 was 120-129 golden state warriors. Maybe next year they will wi (More)
Best Bars Score!
A few weeks ago I went to a gymnastics meet. It was my 4th meet. After me and my friend Avery got dropped of we went to find our team. There were lots of teams with many different colored uniforms. When we found our team our coach said "Do the compet (More)
Paddle Boarding
On Monday we went paddle boarding  at the Scarsdale schools. My PE coach had prepared us for his day. She taught us tea grip and to work on our balance, so we didn't fall in he water. We stood on core boards with a boso ball acting a s the water. My (More)
My First Back Tuck
One time in third grade I was at my friends house and we were on the trampoline. My friend also did gymnastics.  She kept doing back tucks and back lay outs. I wanted to try, so I saidMore)
Basketball Practice
Hi everyone! Today I had a basketball practice at Kol Ami gym with a really good coach. He told me and my friends that we have to work on dribbling with our left hand. Everyone came up with ideas how to work on our left hand dribble. Then I said that (More)
us open
I went to the us open with my family. First we went to see the Doubles 2nd in the world vs vs 1st in the world. We didn't know who won because we left in the middle, we also saw many more people play. When it was lunch time, we went to a oyster bar a (More)
Basketball Toronto vs Cleveland
I just watched the game Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors.At first Cleveland was winning in the first quarter. But then the raptors started coming Back.  The score was Cleveland 30 Toronto 26.The Cleveland team is better and more popular I also (More)
Most goals scored
Pele still takes place with the most goals scored but Messi is catching up. (More)
Girls Travel Basketball
Girls Travel Basketball By: Jackie Kershner and Juliana Chavis   During the winter at Greenacres has always had Rec  basketball games and practices. We have always had  Rec basketball but why not travel, this question was not answered u (More)
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