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Patriots vs Falcons game epic come back
The Patriots come back vs the Falcons was amazing it is now in history best come back by the Patriots Superbowl History that was. I thought the Falcons choking hard the were wining 3 Patriots 28 Falcons in the second quarter then the epic come back b (More)
The Superbowl is an event when people gather with friends and family to watch the big game. 114.4 million people worldwide watch the Superbowl. This yea (More)
CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā The cubs beat the Indians 9 -8 last night in the world series game 7. It was the first time since 1908 because of the (More)
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Villanova played North Carolina in the finals of the NCAA tournament. With 20 seconds left on the cl (More)
Syracuse played Virginia. It was a crazy game. It was the elite eight. Syracuse started with a 8Ā to 2Ā lead against Virginia. Then Virginia was starting to come back and they were winning by 10Ā points. It was halftime and Syracuse had no chance to win (More)
Passion Project
If there was one thing I am passionate about it would the New York Rangers. I am passionate about about this topic because I watch every Ranger game. I know all the players well most of them not the AHL players but all the NHL players.I play hock (More)
NHL 2K16
NHL2K is one of the best hockey games ever. You could do mini rink games, you could do shoot-out, you can do regular games, and you can do a season. NHL2K has good players too. It updates every year for the new players. (More)
Hi my name is Gabriel. In this blog I will write about all the things I love including. Minecraft, my dog, and, what I do at school. I live near new york city. If you want me to write about something just add a comment telling me what to write about. (More)
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