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Important news 2015
I think that the Eiffel tower will have the most lasting effect on the world. I think this because it was a start to a big terrorist group. That will be known as one of the biggest terrorist attack. That is why I think this is the most important arti (More)
TFK's most important issue
I think the whale hunting is a very important issue and it is going to last a while because if it continues then the whale will become extinct. The whale poachers are very inconsiderate of whales and they think that they are the most important specie (More)
News Event of 2015
I think the Star Wars news event will have a lasting effect on the world because Star Wars is important to so many people across the globe! Almost all my friends and everyone I know have seen or will see the movie: Star Wars/ The Force Awakens. If yo (More)
T.F.K World changing events 2016
Today, we got a T.F.K and we had to read it. We had to think what was  the most world changing article. One article I thought that would change the world was the one about girls getting education. I think it was world changing because it lot of girls (More)

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