All about Thais #ME!!!!!!!!!

Hi my Name is Thais. ? I am addicted to Reading and Archery and want to be an artist someday or a writer or a singer or…yeah you get it. I also LOVE badminton it’s my fav sport and I also LOVE archery( you already said that!)~Helen. My Brazilian friends call me Tata, but my American friends call me Taitai (except for Sam). I am a Brazilian girl and I love to read (you know that already) I lived in Brazil almost all my life and used to live in a state called Sao Paulo. The city is nothing like the suburbs, so it took me a while to get used to my new home. I’m ALSO getting a little sister! Her name is going to be Melissa. YAY

shoutout to all the wierd pepole out there that are like me 😉

#Brazil #I love hashtag (# STOP!)~ Helen

14 thoughts on “All about Thais #ME!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Thais! I want to go to Brazil someday. It sounds like a really cool country! I think Melissa is a really nice name! Do you think it is?

  2. Thais! I told you not to steal my thing! I was the one who came up with Me, Myself, and I! I have Copyright on all my creations! Rude.

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