Guess what I’m getting a baby Sister!

I’m getting a baby sister at June her name is going to be Melissa and we’re going to have a 11 year difference! I have been asking for a sister for like forever ( 9 years) and she is going to be American!!!

9 thoughts on “Guess what I’m getting a baby Sister!

  1. Thias I know your really excited about your sister June, but having a little sister is not as nice as it sounds. First she’l cry all night, second EVERYONE will go crazy over her, and third buy a lock for your room. Raids on your room will be frequent and destructive. I know this because I have a little sister and brother.
    P.S. is she going to be born in June?

  2. I am so very happy for you! In spite of what Alfred said, (or in addition to) little sisters can be really great. I think caring for others helps us to grow ourselves. And, of course, your little sister will think you are a goddess and will look up to you, which is pretty awesome.

  3. You need to watch out. I agree with Alfred. I also have a younger brother and sister. They get really annoying, and they go into your room when you’re somewhere else. I was away one weekend at a friend’s house, and my sister went into my room and broke something I had been working on for a week! My siblings follow me around the house, come into my room when I tell them not to.(they avoid the keep out sign that I was putting on my door for a while) They go to my bookcase and pull off a book and bring it with them into their room. Then they forget to bring it back. They figure out that they left their toy or something else in Florida or Vermont and yell and scream and blame me. Again, WATCH OUT!!!!!!

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