I’m writing a book called 100th Fire!

Kythira, Adelina and me are writing a book called 100th Fire! it’s based on the series The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.The Hunger Games was such a good series that KK ,Ade and I wanted more of it so we decited to write a book based on the Hunger Games.The book 100th Fire is going to be about 3 girls Forest,Clove and Hannah they each have their parts in our book so you can see the story from different points of view. Kythira wrote Forest’s part Adelina wrote Clove’s and of course I wrote Hannah’s part. So the Hunger Games are basically in the future like 3002 or something and there are 12 districts the frist ones are the best ones and the last the worst 1=luxury 2=Masonry 3=Technology 4=Fishing 5=Power 6=Transportation 7=lumber 8=textiles 9= 10=livestock     11=Agroculture and 12 is mineing


6 thoughts on “I’m writing a book called 100th Fire!

  1. What is the ninth district? It’s cool that you’re writing a book. Maybe you will get it published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I searched it up, District 9 produces grain. I know, a little lame. And it is kinda taking District 11’s job; Agriculture. Probably why it was barely mention in the books.

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