The true confessions of Charlotte Doyle

To be honest with you this book wasn’t my first choice ( and not my choice ) but it’s kinda of good so far( Kinda ). So this book is about a girl named Charlotte who goes on a ship called the seahalk to america. She goes witout her perents because they were already there. She goes on the ship but that noboty want´s to go into because there were rumurs that the caption is murderus and he is she figured that out when he killed two pepole of his crue after Charlotte told him that they were planing an atack on the Caption as a form of Revenge.Now Charlotte has to make a choice if

she´s going to join the crue´s plan of revenge or stay with the caption who hates her now ( The choice is sooooo obvious!)

5 thoughts on “The true confessions of Charlotte Doyle

  1. I don’t think you wrote about the book. You wrote she going on a ship to America, but what else is happening? Is there anything else going on in the book? I’m sure there is!

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