I’m working on a Book with Helen!

Hey guys guess what I’m writing¬†ANOTHER¬†book called ( I don’t know ask Helen ) so it’s a lot like the hunger games. It’s about a deadly obstacle that involves children 12 to 18 piked by a wheel of doom in there island 1-13 and if there piked they have to participate in the Shollatine ( I think that is how it’s spelled ask Helen again) and we write it in a character’s perspective mine is in Avery’s perspective and Helen’s in ( I forgot her name) so if you want to find out more read the book and comment if you want a character made after you!.

6 thoughts on “I’m working on a Book with Helen!

  1. Dear Thais,
    Really! First of all, it is spelled “Sholatine.” Second of all, my name is Emmaline! But yeah it is a lot like the Hunger Games. Anyway, we may post it but that is probably gonna be later because we don’t have much right now. But thanks for the post Tights(there I said it! Ha!)!

    1. P.S.
      FYI, I am Helen!
      (That kinda reminded me of that Star Wars movie where it was like, “I AM YOUR FATHER!!!” Okay, sorry about that).

    1. Check it out! I don’t know why you can’t comment on it on Thais’s blog… Try it on mine! Reminder: The challenge for a character is due on 3/26/2017!

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