Sup guys!, So you’ve all been posting about capstone and you all have some AWESOME capstone ideas so yeah…here is mine. I’m doing girls education “Why do you have to do girl everything?”-Quinton. Well I do this because it’s a cause that I care about and mrs.Marshal said that it’s better if we do a topic that we care about so yeah. Also I want to share some research I did and if your interested check out these awesome websites down below!!. So here is a REALLY sad striking fact…THERE ARE 130 MILLION girls out of school today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(a lot right). And some of the resons are child marriage, Work, religion, violence the need to take care of younger siblings, Poverty and distance. Most girls are discouraged from leading and following their dreams. And speaking about violence in Nigeria there was a kidnaping of 200 school girls and out of those girls 2\3s of them have already been sold for as low as $12.

So please tell me which of those facts you think is most surprising,  comment any questions and also look at these AWESOME places Thanks guys peace!

Malala Fund , UNGEI and CARE

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  1. The most surprising thing is the kidnapping! Selling them for a low of 12 dollars! Seriously, girls are worth more than that!

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