Short Stories

Short Stories
By: Thais Silva 


The Diamond
{Victoria x Will}
By Thais Silva

“Come on Vick time to see who’s in the Diamond Games!”
“Why do you want to go anyway it`s a non realistic souped up video game”
“Well, it is a school tradition since 9789.”
The Diamond Games has been around for 100 years now and I am in the final 5 girls to go there and now.
“So let’s go!” we left the class holding our swords.
I looked up and saw the most terrifying thing in my life.

Trent – Knives
Victoria – Sword
Will – Bow and Arrow
Phoenix – Axe

I’m in the game! Why does the world hate me!
“Congratulations team blue you have been picked as the best at the school and survivors, you may exit and go to the team blue pods that will take you to where I will train and talk to you so good luck!” all of the kids were staring at me as I walked away most sad but some booing me like I care. I looked at Tara she was crying but all I could do was join the kids at their pods, this is going to be a long 5 months.

We were all motionless in silence and then Will broke it by saying
“So,there’s one thing I don’t know about The Diamond, how do we go to the bathroom in a realistic video game?” we all started to laugh. I’m glad Will is here he always cheers me up.
“I hope the suits aren’t tight because I gotta go” Will said again making us laugh. Ding the elevator door opened.
“Hello team blue, I will take the girls with me and Cas will come for the boys ok?”
Me and Phoenix stepped forward and followed the Women with horrible makeup.
She led us to another pod but this one we didn’t launch but started to glow. Boom I was in a blue suit with a braid to the back braided with a gold piece of string. I stepped out of the pod and saw Phoenix not with one but two braids with gold string braided into them like mine.
“Good now that you’re all dressed up time to train cuz you’re leaving in the next two weeks so chop chop let’s go” I followed her to a weapon room.
“Choose your weapon, and chose wisely” I walked in and all of the weapons were black all of them. I saw Phoenix pick up an axe it started to glow and boom it was silver with blue handle. So I decided to pick out mine and then I saw it the sword it was beautiful.

The Game
{Mini-Walls Mashup}
By Thais Silva

They don’t even give us time to think before we get on the stinken pods!. We leave right after we find out where in the ****** Diamond!. ugh … anyways sorry about my temper there there are 4 teams in the game and the last team to survive wins it’s LITERALLY like a video game. We should be arriving now and from what I’ve seen on TV usually the person with the Sword is the hunter ( I hunt for teams) and somebody usually comes with me.
“Hello Players we have arrived at the teleporter please pick your 1st player” the computer on the said
We all looked at each other uneasily because the 1st player is the leader and the most targeted in the team which means DEATH!!!!.
“Now choose carefully you only have 0:05:00.”

I couldn’t betray any of these people they all are such good friends.
“Luca” Das said looking down and phenix joined.
“Sorry…Luca” He looked at me like I was his only hope and no I couldn’t do it but.
“….I choose Me” they looked at me like I was crazy but I knew what I was doing…just the thought of Luca dieing because of me is terrifying and I just, couldn’t.
“Your time is up choose”
Will stepped up and jumped but I just couldn’t I pushed him out of the way and jumped down. Player 1 appeared over my head and a boys face stared at me vin grief.


The Cycle

The favelas

By Thais Silva

My entire life has been this cycle of misery over and over again just when you think you’re safe, just when you think things might go your way BAM something goes horribly wrong. Well hi I’m Amethyst but you can call me Anna and Do not go down the same path I did really don’t but here is a part of my life cycle.


“Run!” Calli said holding on to today’s dinner

“I can see the cops pick up the pace jordan or we’ll end up in jail AGAIN!.”

Run, steal, eat, sleep and repeat that is my life living in this part of Brazil is well “good” and well…

“Look Calli we’re coming close to the wall!” I said holding a basket of fish  

“Ok, Deixa Cair!” She yelled and ropes fell from the wall. Run, run,run that’s all I do . I started to climb and got over the wall but…

“Calli!” the policeman got her foot

“Sis!” she yelled as the police started to hit her if she fighted

“Noo!” I yelled but it was too late the last words I heard were

“I’ll be back! The cycle always comes back!” and like that she vanished like all the other 15 of them.




{School Story}

By Thais Silva

She looked at me with that face again.

“What it’s not my fault…that explosion totally not my fault!” I said, totally lying.

“Look Ash…this is your 4th detention this week!”

“I know, I know” it was true this was my fourth detention this week.

“Well I certainly hope you’ll stop this madness…you don’t know what you’re messing with young man!” She yelled her cheap perfume was making it’s way too my very sensitive nose.

“Wow, too close” I said pushing her chair back with my feet.

“Look Granny, you are not the boss of me” I said pulling my hat over my eyes.

“Not your boss…” she started to laugh and I could see all of her missing teeth.

“What’s so funny” I said my nose itchy from all of that perfume.

“You,oh silly boy” she said shaking her head

“Look you better listen to me young man cause I am the closest thing you have to a boss so deal with it” she said holding back all of that rage she had boiled up in there. I got up and walked towards the door when she said

“Where do you think you’re going young man” She asked starting to get up.

“Oh….and by the way, I know what I’m dealing with” and suddenly the room started to shake

“Good luck, your gonna need it” I walked out the door slamming and locking it behind me. Looks like another detention.