Short Stories

sup guys! so I know that my blog is kinda all about writing but these are short stories that won’t take you long to read. Also I just want to mention those who help me write the books ( and are my girls!!!) Adelina,Kythira,Angela and of course Helen!. So ya…enjoy

    The Diamond


“Come on Vick time to see who’s in The Diamond!”

“Why do you want to go anyway it`s a non realistic souped up video game”

“Well, it is a school tradition since 9789”

The Diamond Games has been around for 100 years now and I am in the final 5 girls to go there and now.

“So let’s go!” we left the class holding our swords.

I looked up and saw the most terrifying thing in my life



Trent – Leader

Victoria – Sword  

Will – Bow and arrow

Phoenix – Axe


I’m in the game! Why does the world hate me!!!

“Congratulations team blue you have been picked as the best at the school and survivors, you may exit and go to the team blue pods that will take you to where I will train and talk to you so good luck!” all of the kids were staring at me as I walked away most sad but some booing me like I care.  I looked at Tara she was crying but all I could do was join the kids at their pods, this is going to be a long 5 months.


We were all motionless in silence and then Will broke it by saying

“ So,there’s one thing I don’t know about The Diamond, how do we go to the bathroom in a realistic video game?” we all started to laugh I’m glad Will is here he always cheers me up.

“ I hope the suits aren’t tight because I gotta go” Will said again making us laugh ding the elevator opened

“Hello team blue, I will take the girls with me and Cas will come for the boys ok?”

Me and Phoenix stepped forward and followed the Women with horrible makeup.

She led us to another pod but this one we didn’t launch but started to glow and boom I was in a blue suit with a braid to the back braided with a gold piece of string. I stepped out of the pod and saw Phoenix not with one but two braids with gold string braided into them like mine.

“Good now that you’re all Dressed up time to train cuz you’re leaving in the next two weeks so chop chop let’s go”  I followed her to a weapon room

“Choose your weapon, and chose wisely” I walked in and all of the weapons were black all of them. I saw Phoenix pick up an axe it started to glow and boom it was silver with blue handle. So I decided to pick out mine and then I saw it the sword it was beautiful.