The Sholatine

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The Sholatine





The Sholatine has arrived again, today was spinning day. I groaned into my pillow, wondering if this was gonna be the last I’m ever going to be able to do that. Slowly I got up and looked out my bedroom window, people were already up and outside, waiting for the wheel to spun. I made my way to the kitchen, where I hugged my 18 year old brother, Connor. We ate quickly without a word, dreading the day and we headed out.

The Dread Wheel, as most people call it, stood in the middle of the town. People gather around it, scared and wary.  Then those hateful Laminas from the Lubilar came and welcomed everyone to the 100th Sholatine. I resisted the urge to slap the Laminas grins and smirks into tomorrow-land. All the torture the Laminas and the Capitol has done to the Levy family. When my father was younger, he had been in the Sholatine, that’s why we have a house and enough food for 3 meals a day. He survived and trained the tributes for a month, then watched them die. But this Sholatine, I was prepared.

Me and my brother already discussed this, we knew what was going to happen if one of us got picked. I prayed that the plan would work, if it didn’t, well, we were gonna be about as alive as a rotting rat. Silently we walked to the center of town where the Dread Wheel stood. The chunk of smooth but cursed piece of metal glinted under the rising sun. The words Rombaira 7 were especially bright. Here goes nothing…

We watched in fear as the wheel spun,

Cluck, cluck, cluck…

Then it stopped on the worst possible name other than my brother or my friend Zelda Gale. It was me.

“This lucky year goes to… Emmaline Jessilynn Levy!” The Lamina called out with a nasty grin on her face.

I panicked, yes, I said I was prepared, but now my insides twisted and I wasn’t sure if I could even make it up to the stage. Then I noticed that everyone was watching me so I stepped up and waited for the boy tribute.

“And the boy tribute…” I held my breath and waited, the Lamina gasps and grins “Connor Nixon Levy!”

Oh my gosh.




I jumped up from my bed and fell down on the floor, almost breaking my nose. I always forget that I’m top bunk

“All kids report to the training house immediately!”

“Ugh, why today, why, just why?! And and-”

“Now you scoundrels, move!” I looked at the girl next to me, she would definitely be the next one dead.

I have been doing well in the training and would not die soon. But I do feel bad for Ivor, a tribute from last year, she died such a sad bloody, bloody death, I hope I’m not going to end up like her. Then I snapped back to reality and ran towards the door followed by lots of kids in their gray uniforms that completely matched their expression perfectly.

We were walking a while now pass the Punish Room 1, Training Course 7, and the cafeteria. There it was the Wheel of Doom as we kids call it with a big fat 4 in middle, the number of our Rombaira, in other non-complicated words island/prison 4. And there “Let’s see who of you brats is our girl tribute for the Sholatine?” The Lamina said with a grin and spun it. I crossed my fingers for it not to be me. But luck was not enough.

“Congrats Avery Zeda Sebastian!” Ugh, why me? Well I do have better chances in surviving than some of the girls here but still I am bound to get crushed by  Rombaira 1, 2 and 3.  

“Ok brats let’s see who is or boy for the Sholatine” and another spin and

“Congrats Cascot Deltanine!” Really it had to be Cascot, the guy who almost killed me because I was better at archery than him. Ugh, I have to sit down.

“Now come on you two, we need to get you out of those gray suits and put something nice on you.” And we were herded through the green portal and into the Vera-Gaula.




Deep breaths, deep breaths, I tell myself. Me or my brother getting spun was surprising enough, but both us?! Gosh, what kind of luck does the Levy family have?! Rotten luck probably. I sighed and slowly followed the Laminas to the portal. It glowed a beautiful emerald green. It would’ve been fascinating, if not for where it actually takes you. The heat over takes me then we appear in the Vera-Gaula, a hotel like looking place where we get ready for the Sholatine Course. The Laminas show us our rooms and we parted ways; the boys were separated from the girls.

“Try not to get killed BEFORE the actual course.” Connor hugs me.

I smirk, “Is that advice for you or me?”

I wasn’t gonna see him for almost 2 weeks, I sigh. “Let’s get this over with.” And I trudged into my new bedroom. It wasn’t half bad, very fancy, but not exactly homey. I sigh and collapse onto the neatly folded bed, wrinkling it. Somehow, I smiled at that. I fell asleep quickly into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up in a cold sweat, barely managing to not scream. No dreams, good thing. But being a lucid dreamer, I remembered what happened yesterday. The sun was just appearing in the horizon line, but I still got dressed. I needed fresh air to sharpen my senses. I wander into the sitting room and onto the balcony. The fresh wind carried a sort of sweet, fragile sent that I loved. I sighed, is this going to be the last time I’ll smell this scent? I truly hoped not. I was transfixed, but not enough to notice that someone was sneaking up behind me. “You shouldn’t do that,” I told them and as I suspected, they froze. “If the was in the course, you would have a knife, sword, or dagger at your throat. Wanna test it?” I heard them walk away.

I spin around to find myself facing another girl. How many Probably from Rombaia 4 because of her way-to-fancy dress. Rombaira 4 hasn’t won a single Sholatine since the 88th Sholatine.

“So, you here to try to boast about you winning?” I sneered. The Rombaira 4s were all like that.

“No, I just caught you here.” The girl frowned. I rolled my eyes.

“Say whatever you want.” And I walked past her, looking for Connor.   




   Why do we have interviews before we die that’s like somebody saying “Oh, we should have a ceremony for your death!” Also, why am I from 4?! I’m nothing like the people there. I actually want to be nice on purpose but anyways some lunatic people called the Laminas are taking me to a “hotel” more like a gigantic building that they keep prisoners and the kids who will go to the Sholatine. They usually separate the boys from the girls.

I went to a line of girls most look scared and look like they have never faced challenges except for some like from 1, 2 ,3, 5 ,7 and well the rest looked like spoiled brats. And then I saw a girl hugging a boy who looked like her and-wait brother and sister?! How cruel can the Ciroka get?! I followed the girls until my dorm room with my name on it.

“Great, another prison. Ughhh!”      

I saw that girl from 3 trying to sneak up on 7 because she probably thought, “if I eliminate those who are good, I will win.” But the girl from 7 said something I didn’t get and the girl from 3 gave up. I walked closer to the snack bar because I haven’t had a good snack since last month when I won it as a reward from winning a cage fight buy stabbing a boy to death. Just thinking of it gives me the shivers and I ended up face to face with Emmaline, I think

“So are you here to try to boast about winning?” Typical 7 reaction to when they see a 4.

“No I just caught you here.” she rolled her eyes in sarcasm, Again, typical 7.

“Say whatever you want.” And she walked right past me. Ugh.




I sighed. Tomorrow was interview day, we had to present our best skill and, obviously, get interviewed on live holograms. I swung open “my” closet and examined my choices. Pink, frilly, lacey, glittery, disasters was all there was. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and stuck my had into the very back of the closet and pulled out a dress.

It actually wasn’t that bad. Dark blue, a few sparkles on the top, a knee length dress covered with light blue lace. Not bad. I quickly put it on, but grabbed my normal clothes too. There was no way I could sword fight with a dress on. I stuffed it in the bag we were supposed to bring and placed it by the bed. I was just about to lie down when there was a knock on my door.

“Anybody there?” I immediately recognized the voice, it was that girl from 4.

“What the Styx do you want!” I shouted from the bed.

“Just to team!” She answered.

I sighed and opened the door.



Girls always are overlooked by men, which sucks but that girl from 7 has skills. And if I team with her I’ll be able to kill twice as fast and you know I can always backstab her. But I won’t because they’re are 2 winners and we’ll be the 2, even if it means backstabbing my tribute and, well, time to go team. I walked down the hallway and knocked on her door. “Anybody there?”

“What the Styx do you want!” She shouted.

“Just to team!” I answered.

Finally, she opened the door.  




We looked very different in comparison. The girl had pale skin, black eyes, and chestnut hair. I had fair skin, blue eyes, and caramel hair. “Why don’t you come on in.” I sighed and said after a moment of awkward silence.

So she came in and we both sat down in the fancy red chairs.

“So, wanna team up?” She asked.

“Names first,” I interrupted. “I’m Emmaline.”

“I’m Avery.”

“Okay Avery, you know that it’s against the rules to team before the actual course, right?” I raised an eyebrow.

“So, no?” She looked deeply disappointed.

“Not exactly,” I replied. “But I suppose I won’t kill you in the course.”


“Uh huh.”

“Can’t we be friends?” Avery pleaded. “And, you know, get along?”

“Maybe.” With that I stood up. “But first, I need to introduce you to my brother. He’s in the team to.” And I dragged her off.



I was glad that I had already picked out my dress. I put it on as fast as possible and grabbed my other bag. I quickly rushed through the makeup and examined myself in the mirror. Normally, I had no time for mirror gazing, the Vera-Gaula was really messing with me. Then I heard a knock at my door, again.

“Hi, can you help me please!” It was Avery.




Ok let’s see what’s in the closet I clicked a button and boom a shiny black dress with gray jewelry it was it was….Horrible! Why a dress? Ughhhh and high heels? How am supposed to walk? Ughh, time to put this stupid dress on and not gonna use those shoes now cause I have to get my clothes for the second part of the interview. Wait, we have our own hair and makeup! How in the Wirta do you put on makeup?! I’m gonna go to Emmeline to see if she can do this madness. 5 really boring hours later, I knock on her door

“Hi, can you help me please!”

“What is it this time?” She groaned.

“Well I kinda sort of can’t do my makeup”

“Are you for serious?”


“Ugh, come in.” She opened the door her dress was beautiful and her makeup as well                                                                                                                                                                                                 

“Sit down and let me do my thing” she said



20 minutes later I looked surprisingly good.

“One last thing, how do you walk in high heels?”

“Really?!” she groaned.

“Yeah, we don’t use these things”

“Fine put them on and let’s get to work”.

I looked out the window

“It’s time to go.”

So we left to join the other tributes.

Emmaline’s brother was okay, I guess. But it was my interview time, I had worse things to think of. I walked into the interview room. The interview guy looked shocked after the girl from 3 left so I walked in discomfort not knowing what he was going to ask me.

“Hello Avery Sebastian.”

“Hi” I said awkwardly

“Why don’t you introduce yourself Avery.”

“ I am a girl rom 4 and my hobby is shooting for fun I also have 1 sister who is 19 at the time.”

“Do you think you can win?”

“Well I guess so from the training 4 gave me.”

“Do you have a plan on how to win?”

“Yes actually I’ll use the strategies 4 gave me and all the training did pay of.”

“Who do you want to team up with?”

“Um personally, no one because I learned how to fight alone and I think I’ll keep it that way.”

“Why did you pick this outfit?”

“Well my favorite color is black and I wanted something that matches my rumbera 4 and I also love gray and that is why I have this gray belt and jewelry.”

“Any relationships?”

“No not at this moment but I really don’t know if I’ll have one by the end of the sholitine.”

“What terrain do you want the Sholatine Course to be?”

“I really want it to have a Forest theme because since I’m from 4 I don’t really see Forests so this could be my time to see one.”

“Finally, what skill are you going to present?”

“The skill I’m going to present is archery.”

“Thank you and that’s all the time we have.” as I left I saw Cascot giving me a look and to Rombaira 4 people that meant I’ll spare you. Oh goody now I have a mysterious dude who I do not understand at one minute he almost kills you and in the other he shoots me a look like I don’t mean anything. I just need to lay down and wait for them to call me for the second part of the interview.




For the 3rd time this week, we lined up like 6 year olds to get interviewed. I decided that I’ll introduce Avery to Connor before the interview so here we were, looking for Connor in the boring line.

“Do you see him yet.” Avery complained, wobbling in her heels.

“Um__yeah!” I waved to Connor.

He smiled and walked up to us. But his smile wavered when he saw Avery.

“Who’s this?” He asked me, slightly ignoring me.

“That’s Avery, he wanted to team with us.” I replied.

He took one look at her and said, “she’s from Rombaira 4.”


“Alright.” He sighed, “good luck on your interview.” And he walked away.

After what seemed like forever, the interviewer finally called my name. I walked in, actually feeling confident.

“Ah, hello Emmaline Levy.” The man smiled at me.

“Hello sir.” I smiled back, father had always told me: be polite, even when you feel like punching them.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself Emmaline.”

“Well, my name is Emmeline Jessilynn Levy, I am 16 years old, and I am ready to win this Sholatine.”

“Do you think you can win?”

“Yes. I have to believe that.”

“Very wise. Do you have a plan on how to win?”

“Sort of, but it’s not about winning.” I was determined to be honest.

“Oh, what is it about, then?”

“I can’t tell you, everyone will know.”

“Who do you want to team up with?”

“I plan on teaming with my brother.”

“Why did you pick this outfit?”

“I just looked around for something not pink and girly.”

“Ah, any relationships?”

“No, of course not!”

“Shame, such a pretty young lady. What terrain do you want the Sholatine Course to be?”

“I hope it’s gonna be a forest or somewhere with lots of water, darker than usual, and with lots of animal.”

“Why is that Ms. Levy?”

“Because the rainforest is my favorite terrain, and it’s calming for me.”

“Finally, what skill are you going to present?”

“The skill I’m going to present is swordfighting and accuracy.”

“Thank you, that’s all the time we have. Good luck”

I smiled and walked out. I saw some Rombaira 2 kids glare at me. I didn’t care.   




Okay, so I said that I didn’t care what the Rombaira 2 kids thought about me. Well, that’s true, but it’s just hard to ignore huge, ripped, annoying kids that spend their day annoying the Simma out of you. Death threats usually work.

I was at the training arena, just doing some last minute practice. I was hacking the dummies into bits of straw and cotton when Atle, the worst Rombaira 2 kid I’ve ever met.

“Practicing huh,” he mused. “Afraid that you’re going to get 0?”

“No, but you might want to. After all, it was you who got beaten by Lexis.” I said, smug.

Atle’s face turned tomato red, “ya’ want a taste this blade?!” He brought out his sword.

“Let’s see if you get the chance to?” I spun Eclipse, my Stygian Iron sword.

This was gonna be a fight.

Atle charged me right away. I stepped aside and blocked his strike. As we fought, I learned his moves. Learning someone else’s moves was one of the first things you must do. I saw that he only had strength, and sometimes, even strength needs to bow down to wisdom.

We fought and I fell into a pattern. Block, block, and block.

“Too scared to strike?” Atle taunted, noticing that I haven’t been attacking at all.

Right after his words, I blocked a strike to my face and slashed at his unprotected legs. He yelped in pain and I took the time to disarm him. I pointed Eclipse at his throat.

“Say that again.”

I heard multiple clapping noises until it was applause.

“Go Emmaline!” I heard Avery.

I turned to the crowd and smiled. But what I didn’t expect, was it to turn into a full-fledged battle.




“Alright, Emmaline and Atle do not need to present their skills, they’ve already shown everything.” The man from the interview said, “the rest of you, move!”

I went to the second part of my interview but saw Cascot pull out a deadly, double edged, celestial bronze sword.

“Nice sword.” I said, he looked back in surprise

“I’m so glad that you’re here not those girly girls back home.” He said smirking

“Well, it was either me or the 3 princesses.” The 3 princesses are these girls who think they rule everything, though they are good at fighting. But they tried to take me down once and it didn’t work.

“Well time for your interview Cascot, good luck” I said helping him get ready

“Bye, and…good luck.”He turned around and started to walk away.

“You know that your interview is that way?” I said pointing to a huge sign that read: Rombaira 4 Interview.

He turned around and laughed

“Just like always.” And walked away. Yeah he always went the wrong way  

“Yeah, just like home” I whispered to nothingness.




I sat down in the Vera-Gaula sitting room, pinching the bridge of my nose. It had been a stressful day.

“Nice sword play.” Someone with a thick British accent said.

I whirled around to see a guy, probably from Rombaira 5 because of his beige clothes.

“Um, thanks?” I wasn’t used to stranger giving me compliments.

“I’m Mylo, Mylo Ortiz.” He said after a moment of awkward silence.

“Milo, as in M-I-L-O?”

“No! M-Y-L-O!”

“Sounds like a girl name.” I commented.

“Shut up.”

Shut up!” I mimicked.



There was another moment of silence.

“I gotta go, see you in the course!” He paused for a moment, “and may the Lubilar be with you.”

I smiled, “you too.”




I don’t understand these feelings! They don’t make sense! I feel like I just ate 3 burritos! But it’s not the time to worry about these feelings. I have a few days untill the Sholatine

“All tributes report to the Vera-Gaula meeting room!”

I jumped and walked out of my bedroom. I walked down the hall and into the elevator where some kid was still in his PJs that were really disturbing dinosaur PJs. when I finally got out of the elevator I saw a girl from 9 she looked like slaughter a fly. There were a lot of kids there but the one who really stood out to me was Cascot.




Tonight was the last night in the Vera-Gaula. I didn’t like this place, but I’d rather live here than go into the course. I had practiced every single skill I had, though the thought of going in the course still made feel unprepared. But I was more worried about the plan. What if it didn’t work? Then me or Connor will probably get executed in public.

I forced away my worries and summoned the hologram.

“Emmaline!” My mother cried when she saw me.

“Hi! Where’s dad?”

“He’s talking to Connor. Oh, I can’t believe you’re actually in the Sholatine!” She moaned, “I’m so sorry me and your father weren’t here on the day of The Spinning!”

“It’s alright.” I reassured her, “I’ve got a plan.”

I told her about Connor’s escape.

“Don’t freak, this is the only way.”

“But it’s so risky!” My mother stressed, “the Ciroka could…” She trailed off.

“Like I said, only way. Everything is going to be fine.” I smiled reassuringly, and the hologram vanished.

I wished I could believe what I said too. I’m a strong girl, but every once in awhile I wish someone would pat me on the back and tell me everything’s gonna be okay.



Last night here great, why don’t you just kill me now! But today is the day I’m going to call my sister for the last time ah deep breaths and I summoned the hologram then my sister was standing in the middle of the room

“Hi sis…um” we just stood there in silence

“I miss you and…don’t die. You’re my last bit of family”

“ I…I love you sis, and I hope you have a…nice life with our with me.”

“ I love you too Avery, and you will win cuz no one can shoot like you and I just know that you will win”

“Thanks, can you tell Kyle I said hi, and I’m sorry for his sister.”

“Ok…bye Aves.”

“Bye sis…bye”  



Today was the day. The Sholatine was starting. I barely had time to get dressed and prepare for the day when we were all forced into a mosh pit of tributes. The Rombaira 2s and some other kids gave me the evil eye. I glared right back. Deep breaths I told myself. Then we were launched to our starting area.

I landed on my platform and immediately saw the heap of bags and chests in the distance. I could see the other tributes too. I watched tensely as the countdown appeared in the sky. 3… 2… 1… Go! I ran full speed to the the pile of supplies. I grabbed a bag and emptied a chest and ran off. As I ran, I tried to find Connor or Avery but it seemed like they’ve completely disappeared. As the sounds of explosions disturbed the air, I could only hope that they weren’t dead yet. I was distracted in my thoughts as I ran towards the rainforest, I didn’t see 2 other tributes coming at me.

My practice really came in handy. I ducked as one tribute swung at me, at blocked as the other slashed. Splash, block, slash, duck. Finally I swung at the female tributes chest. She stumbled backwards, clutching her chest and coughing blood. I whirled around and gave the other tribute a deep gash on his thigh. He limp-ran away. The girl came at me again and I had to stab. She fell and an explosion sounded, one of the first kills of the Sholatine Course. Not something to be proud of. I kept running, I jumped as an arrow flew past my legs, ducked as a spear sailed past my head, and stepped sideways as some tribute tried to stab me. I avoided all of them, there was nothing between me and the forest.

I didn’t stop until I was in the deepest part of the forest. Then I scurried up a nice “hiding tree” and examined what I had. Imperial gold throwing knives (Sweet!), food, more food (There’s a lot of food!), a celestial bronze sword (Jackpot!), a stygian iron dagger, and healing cream. That was a real jackpot, even for a bag and a chest! I put all my food and healing cream into the backpack and then armed myself with a sword, dagger, and knives. I was ready to face some tributes! I wonder if Avery and Connor were doing as well as I was?

I was just about to call it a day and rest when I heard noises under me. I immediately unsheath my dagger and peered down from the tree, when I saw who they were, I nearly fell out of my tree. The Rombaira 1, 2, and 3 tributes had all teamed up! I’m dead.




Today is Sholatine day. I grabbed all I can (my shirt)and I’m send to a super tight pod of tributes and before I knew it we were teleported to the first course and from what I could see it was a forest well the first Rombairas always get teleported first and we wait for the rest. And good thing ’cause I spotted Connor he gave me a head nod and I knew were going to the middle,together. 3…2…1..Go! I didn’t think twice I sprinted this is what I’ve been training for my whole life and I knew I was going to be attacked so I went faster go! Go! Go! I kept saying in my head and yes one of the first I opened a chest and…yes! A bow with some arrows, a sword and an apple.

“So, you think you’re one of us” said the boy from 2 holding his sword

“ No, I’m better.” I charged holding my sword, and a pack of  alliances charged at me

“Run!!!” I told Connor and he sprinted towards the forest as fast as possible

“We didn’t want the kid from 7 any ways, what we want is 4 blood.”  And slash, I ducked a girls knife and charged at her with my sword. She blocked my hit and punched me in the gut it was painful but I’ve been through worse and I grabbed her buy her shoulders and kneed her where it hurts she tried to pull out her knife but I was too fast and slash. The first kill of the Sholatine. The others looked at me amazed.

“you’re a good fighter, you can tag along with us for awhile” the boy from 2 said, I took out my bow and pulled back

“I won’t join you, but will you at least let me go?” I asked ready to shoot anyone who said no.

“Umm… ok but you have to do us a favor.”

“What is it.” I said knowing it was a bad idea

“You have to kill the 7 girl and her brother, and if you refuse we’ll hunt you down and when we find you…let’s just say you’ll have the most brutal death that the world has ever seen.”

“I…I..I can’t.” I said I couldn’t kill her

“Good then choose die, or join us” he said with a cruel smile, I had to do it.

“First things first, my name is Avery and I’m a Warrior.”




I left the tree the next morning at the peak of dawn. I didn’t need to pack, just a backpack and m weapons. I knew that the Numbers 1-3 alliance would be after me so my plan was: Be on the run until you find Connor, Avery, or a teammate. I walked stealthly through the forest, listening for noises. It reminded me of the forest training course me and Connor had to go through for the right of hunting. Then I heard footsteps, 8 o’clock.

Swiftly ducking into a wild bush. I watched as a tribute came towards my hiding spot. Apparently, she didn’t see anything and I mentally shook my head in disapproval. Lesson 1: Observe carefully. I was just about to back away when I stepped on a twig. Simma you twig! The tribute snapped towards my direction, at least she had ears. But now I had no choice but to stand up. Looking at the tribute, I felt like I knew him. We stared at each other.

“You’re Cam, Cal,” I struggled, trying to name him. “Cas,”

“Cascot!” We both said.

“Took you a while.” Cascot said, irritated.

“Do you WANT me to kill you?”

“What do you think?” He turned to walk away.

“Wait!, did you hear from Avery?”

“ No the last I saw of her she was killing 6 Careers, and Connor was running away…I’m sorry” he said without turning

I stuck my hand out, he turned to face me and raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

“Yep.” He hesitated, I waited.

Then he took it, “we’re a team now.”




He explained along the way how we’re going to eliminate 9 and 10 and how I play a part in the group

“Get it?”

“Yeah, but why are you being nice to me?”

“Well I saw you in the interview and you got skills and I thought we could win together”

“Me. wait, me?! the girl you threatened to kill?”

“Yep you, we’ll talk later” he smiled a kind of deadly playful smile and turned to the group

“Ok, we need shelter,food and blood so 1 you’re in charge of shelter”

“ and 3 food” he turned to me

“ We were in charge of blood.” I looked at him and realized I’m not going to survive out here being nice I have to win by any cost

“ hey, um about the deal I accept and what’s your name?”

“me , I’m Atle your teammate”




It was mid-day when me and Cascot finally passed the starting area.

“It’s about time,” Cascot said as we crossed into a much wilder part of the forest, or the course, whichever. “I feel like I’ve walked 10 miles! I never knew how large the starting area was!.”

“Come on!” I said, dragging him along, “we need to keep on going East.”

“Well I see, Emmaline decided to team with the factory work!” Someone taunted from behind, a cold feeling washed over me.

“Atle.” I spun around to see Atle and his team of 1-3 tributes (I’ll call it “Puny Group”). 5 people.

He must’ve seen that we were hopelessly outmatched because he laughed, “you’re dead.” He grinned.

“Run.” I whispered to Cascot.


“NOW!” I screamed at him.

He ran, continued East.

And I drew my sword, “come and get some, then.”

They charged, me I ran. But this time, it was right at them.

I knew I would die trying to fight them off, so I hacked and slashed at some of the tributes, but then I lured them deep into the forest. I knew exactly where to lead them to.

Every year when there’s a forest, there would be a team that occupied the Black Skull Lagoon. I ran, and 2 tributes in pursuit. 3, 2, 1, I turned abruptly and  the girl tribute slid past me. I attacked the boy tribute while holding off the girl tribute. But that as very difficult, and the girl tribute cut down and I nearly dropped my sword. Blood was pouring out from the large wound on my arm. The boy tribute took the chance and swung, I’d barely managed to block it. Then as he came at me I jumped aside and he fell right into the water, the girl tribute ran to look at his teammate and I pushed her of, right on him.

As they struggled in the water, I watched as another alliance came to finish them of. When they left, the bodies of the two tributes had sunk and the pure, clean blue water of the lagoon had been stained red.




It was about midday and Atle said he needs to fish some “ unfinished business” and needs me to stay here with some of the Careers to guard while he’s away

“So you’re going to kill without me? This is highly suspicious”  I said raising an eyebrow

“ don’t worry Avery

You’ll get plenty of solo kills but this one I have to do without you”

“Fine” I said and turned. I’ve grown close the the Careers now and they have as well and they know if anyone gets too close with a weapon they will end up with an arrow through their head.

“Ok, so let’s see if there is anyone dumb enough to try to kill us” I said giving them an evil smile

“Great, so let’s move people!” a girl said holding some wood and an axe.  It’s been a long time since Atle left, I actually know all of the Kids here. There is Rain the girl from 1 who always carries an axe along with her, also Jemma from 3 who I’ve grown really close to her, she always has a spear by her side, also there is Ato and Arlo they are always together. Arlo and Jemma went with Atle and me and Ato stayed to guard. I made out a picture coming towards us it was

“Atle!” I ran towards him

“Hi Aves,um we just lost Arlo and Rain”


Cascot’s gone, I was alone again. I trudged through the jungle. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to stop until I had a teammate, Puny Group could find me and that won’t end well (He still has 3 people plus whoever has joined). I sat down by a fallen log, wondering how much longer until the next terrain, it’s the 3rd day already. Behind me, there was a growl.

I spun around to find a gray wolf. It didn’t look rabid, so I approached it, it came forward too and nuzzled my hand. I jumped, strange. Wait, that must mean… I’m a minor?! I looked up and a silver token dropped from the sky. No way, I thought, examining the token, this was the sign of a minor! Putting on the token, I turned to the wolf, “guess you’re my companion now.” And I fished out some raw meat and gave it to… I need a name. “How about… Cato!” I smiled at the name, “Cato, let’s go.” And together, we walked away from the jungle, heading towards the desert; East.




“ How did this happen?” I asked

“ Um well we had an awful fight,anyways we have some killing to do” he said looking at me

“ go get your sword Atle, time for me to show that I am with you guys” he smiled again that same smile a cruel and ruthless smile and I did the same. Atle and I have been walking for a while and my feet were sore and he stopped me  and pointed to a cave

“There, we go on together ok” he said holding his sword ready to kill

“ let’s do this” we charged in. The boy took out a sword and charged at Atle while the girl and I had a bow and arrow fight. Shoot, duck,shoot, duck I had to kill her so I ran towards her direction my sword blocking her arrows and I had to do it a strategy I learned in 4  jump turn strike and she fell to the floor. Atle was still fighting but he wanted the kill so I decided to explore a little bit and water I found water, I took a sip and…I looked like one of them I looked like an alliance holding my bloody sword and with my chestplate and I thought

“Look out Sholatine couse Avery is coming”




Another 3 hours passed as I wandered around. I didn’t know where I should be going, all I know was to keep going East. Cato was so silent I actually had to check if he was still next to me. I was exhausted, and Cato was probably too but we couldn’t stop. Not yet, the next course; the desert, it was so close, yet so far. As I walked, I remembered the Winter Tulip. It had been the day of the 92nd Sholatine; Spinning Day…

I trudged through the snow. The words chanted in my head, she is gone, she is dead, she is gone, she is dead. Savy, me and Zelda’s best friend, had been spun. One minute she was with us in the crowd, the next she was up on the stage, going through the portal. Her death was hard on me and Zelda, but it was nothing compared to what Savy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Faye went through.

They half-hoped she would win, I didn’t think so but I didn’t tell them. Of course, she was killed by a Rombaira 2, partly why I hated them so much. It was a snowy night, we couldn’t tell Savy’s parents her death until today. Their faces of sadness, pain, anguish. I had to escape into the forest. In the distance, I could still hear Mr. Faye’s sobs and Mrs. Faye’s wails. They’ve lost their only child, their only hope.

That’s when I saw it, a tulip. I was so astonished that I nearly walked right into a tree. It was a snowing January night for goodness sake! I crouched down by the flower and stared at it like it was an untouched chicken leg in a trash can. Still bright red with a touch of white and a splash of pink. Carefully, I pulled out the tulip, roots and dirt too. I ran home and placed the flower in a pot and gave it to Savy’s parents. It was still alive in their house somewhere, I hope it still brings them joy.




“Aves, can you and Jemma go hunt some tributes?” Ash said helping sort the loot from yesterday.  



Finally! The desert! I broke into a jog and the grass below me slowly withered away until it was sad. I let out a whoop of joy. “Oh yeah!” I never knew I could be so happy to see a desert but honestly, I was sick of the muddy and humid air of the jungle. Running at full speed and with Cato yipping and barking happily at my side. Soon, I regained sanity and quickly ducked into a cacti city.



The dessert oh grate at least I have water I looked to see Atle talking to Gemma and Arlo they turned to me holding their weapons

“We know you talked to that boy from 4, and let him go” he said holding his sword and I knew what was coming I took out my bow and pulled back

“ So what, know you want to kill Emmeline” he stopped and smiled

“So what do you want to do your out numbered the 3 turned to me

“Well I’m maybe outnumbered but I have some tricks up my sleeve” they laughed

“Like what?” he said to tease me

“Like this” I picked up a rock and threw it at Gemma and she ducked

“ha , missed” I raised an eyebrow

“Did I?” the rock hit the floor and boom a giant deadly obstacle course sprung up from the ground and I jumped away they tried to follow but the ground literally ate them

“ Good luck!, only 3 can come back and those 3 can or cannot be human!” I yelled

“Noooooooo!” was the last thing I heared before loting their backpacks and running away.




The morning was very sunny, which meant that it was going to be a hot afternoon. I packed quickly, got some water from the cacti (with only 1 prick!). Cato barked and ran up besides me. I suppose being a Tranca, you had more energy than humans, but I was going to take night watch tonight.

I ran, East is what my father told me. So off I go, Cato by my heel, and towards East. I wonder how long it’ll be until I find Connor, Cascot, or maybe Avery. I sighed, all my human friends (which has so far been 1), are gone. Maybe one day… Then a sound caught my ears. Someone was near. I ducked into a cluster of cati. I saw a girl, about 14  wandering around too.

She was armed, so I had to be careful. Cato must’ve really liked this girl because he ran right up to her.

Emma, look! Cato said in my head.

If Cato trusted her, than I probably could too. So I hopped out of the cacti, pulling out some spikes from my leather jacket. The girls jumped back and raised her sword.

“Woah! Friendly meeting!” I gave her my hand, “team?”

“You don’t even know me.” The girl responded wearily.

“But my Tranca does.”

Her eyes went wide, “Tr-Tranca?”

“Yeah, I’m a minor.”

Then a silver token dropped from the sky, the girl gasped.

“And it looks like you’re one too.”   




I’ve had it! First I’m the kid who breaks her leg while in the course, then boom! My parents die because my STUPID Rombaira goes into a “war” and bombs my house. And now this, I have not only brought shame to 4 and now I’m going to die a death that know one can stop not even me. I saw something move in the distance and I took out my sword and it jumped ran towards me

“Wow easy now it’s just me” I looked up to see…

“You again!” Cascot! I hugged him so tight even I couldn’t breathe.

“Um… you probably want to look over your head” I said pointing to the shiny silver coin over his head

“ I…I can’t believe it! I’ve been claimed!” I couldn’t either. I never get these things I always just stay there like I’m someone special which I’m not, I think he sees tears coming out of my eyes so he says

“Hey, you took out lots of tributes and-”

“One, and begged for mercy.” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I ran like a chicken when Emmaline told me to.” He laughed and I smiled

“There’s just this thing with 4 and chickens.” I said imitating a chicken and then he did something that I could never forget. It was so unexpected that I jumped back.




We walked and talked; the girl’s name was Rubia Kentwell, Rmbaira 10, and indeed was 14 years old.

“So Emmaline, how are you so good at this stuff, you know, the whole Sholatine Course thing.”

“I’m not__” I started to say but was cut off by another question.

“I heard you have a brother…” Rubia trailed off. “You would want to win with him, right? But that would mean… You would have to kill me!” Rubia looked at me as if any second I was going to stab her with my dagger.

“I won’t kill you, don’t worry,” I reassured her. “I’ve got a plan.”

Before we knew it, it was already noon.

I shared the last of my food with Rubia. “We have to go hunting tomorrow.”

“And you can show me your hunting skills.” She said happily.

“But your Rombaira raises animals. Wouldn’t you be a vegetarian?”

She shook her head, “it just means that we barely get any meat.”

Pulling out my dagger, we jogged along the cacti city, searching for any sign of movement or sound. Then I spotted 2 deer, precisely, a doe and a stag.

“This is why I save my knives.” I whispered to Rubia and aimed one at the stag.

Thwap! The stag fell and the doe panicked and took off.




He kissed me!

‘Ughhh!” I said and punched him in the face.

“Awww! Shes blushing!” he said to tease me while holding his jaw.

“Do you want to live, or do you want to get pummeled?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“I vote live.” he said, raising his hand.

“Well let’s go!”

Cascot looked at me like I’m a terrifying thing.

“You joined the Warriors! And almost killed Atle!” He exclaimed as I told him what happened.

“Pretty much.” I said, heading toward the burning sun.

“ Hey um…you know Emmaline” he said blocking the sun

“Yeah…is she alive?” I asked hopefuly.

“Um… I don’t know.” He said looking down.



In was midnight when I heard a scream from the other side of the cave. I immediately shot up from my sleeping position, dagger out. But what I saw was so crazy and horrifying made me drop the dagger.

“Rubia, NO!” I cried and tried to run to her but she screamed and attempted to stab me.

Blocking the strike, I pin her down and rip the knife out of her hands. She seemed weaker, but also insane.

What could’ve possibly happened to her?

She had some Wulars. Cato said in my mind, he had joined me in wrestling Rubia.

What?! I cried. That was why Rubia had gone insane, Wars can drive people mad, even kill them! Why did you let her eat it?!

I was asleep! He defended.

Letting out a groan I gave Rubia a shove and she clawed at my skin, leaving a trail of red. I wondered if anyone could hear us, with all of Rubia’s hissing, screaming, and yelling.

Pin her down!

Immediately, Cato was on top of Rubia. And in a flash, I quickly tied her up and stuffed some grass into her mouth, almost instantly she fell asleep.

“Well,” I said, standing up. “That was eventful, I’ll take first watch.”

Staring out into the night from our drafty cave, I thought about Savy. I never bothered to find out how she died, but it must’ve been gruesome. Life is very fragile, just a thrust or a strike and the fates snip a string. I wondered if the fates valued their strings much, or if they realized that each one was connected to a life. Did they even care? Perhaps someday I will find out. If the fates were in the mood for some sniping, then I hope they spare us.

If there was even an us anymore. I have no idea were Connor or Avery is, and Cascot ran. There is no “us” anymore.




I woke up and Cascot was looking at me.

“Ahhh!” I yelled and he clearly heard me.

“Good morning sleeping beauty how did you sleep?” I raised an eyebrow

“Good…um why are you so happy?” I said scratching my head.

“Look up” I looked and I saw it all the players who died and Emmaline nor Connor

were in there.

“They are alive! We need to find them then well become bigger than the alliance”

“Great plan but how are we going to do that Athena the grate”

“Ha ha very funny”

“Thankyou mini athena”

“ we move east that’s where everyone is going and Emmaline and connor are part of every one so follow me” .He smiled and kissed me on the cheek and I punched him on the arm.

“I said follow” he laughed

“ Hey I think that we have better chances of finding them if we split up Connor doesn’t trust you and everyone knows why and Emmeline got suspicious of me so… you get it” I looked at him in a very confused way.

“Split up AGAIN why do you want to do that 2 people can win you know”

“Yeah and I want one of those people to be you so trust me Aves”. He bent down and kissed me again but this time I didn’t fight it because this could be the last one.




Awakening to Rubia yells, I groaned and untied her.

What a lovely way to wake up. I thought sarcastically.

Say that again. Muttered Cato, untangling himself from the rocks.

“Sorry, about that.” Rubia mumbled. “Those Wars look just like raspberries.”

“No worries, grass always cures it.”

“Grass?” She scrunched up her nose, “please don’t tell me you stuffed my face with it!”

“Maybe, or maybe not.” I smirked. “However,” I continued in a more serious voice. “Tonight is the Screening, so it looks like we’re gonna be up all night.”

“So we need to collect food, more arrows, and keep our energy high.” Rubia concluded.


The day would’ve been better, if some members of “The Puny Group” didn’t decide to ruin the day.

“Looky here,” a voice taunted, causing me to freeze. “If it isn’t Emmeline and her little friend!”

Slowly turning around, “Atle, looks like it’s me vs. you and your puny goons again.” I manage out between gritted teeth.

Rubia gasps unhelpfully, “you’re the one that lost to Emmaline in that sword fight!”

That, got Atle Were, in a rage.

“NO ONE INSULTS ME!” He screamed.

“Run!” I cried.

And me and Rubia took off with a backward glance.

It’s been a while, but I could still hear Atle behind us. And Rubia was falling behind.

This is not good, Cato? I thought desperately, hoping Cato would answer.

Trying to fight them off… Not working. Came his answer.

“Rubia!” I screamed, she had tripped and her knees were bleeding.

I took a deep breath, everyone around me seems to get hurt, because of Atle. She had to leave.

“Rubia, go.” I couldn’t afford to look as scared as I felt, which was 100% terrified. “Run while you can, I’ll fight them.”

“Will we meet again.”

I looked into her chocolate brown eyes, “maybe.”

I watched as she ran. Again, she was gone. Again, I was alone.  



Ok I need to stop and put my things straight. Here is what I know I am a crazy girl who joined the Alliance but betrayed them, then I joined Cascot then he disappeared and now I’m on a pedestal in the middle of the air GRATE!!!!!. This is the 3rd course Sky and I’m all alone ughhhhh why just when I started to like… No I can’t think of this any more I have to jump. I felt like a really sick monkey REALLY sick monkey.

“That apple didn’t go so well” I told myself.

The best time to get food poisoning oh godie!!. I didn’t fight some one so far and I’m not a minor Emmaline is so is Atle and a girl called Rubia I’m just not cut out for this I really am not…..I…I am a nobody in these games no one wants me to win I mean ofcourse they would pick her She’s heroic in every way!. And nothing interesting ever happens to me and if it does I always am the STUPID one in that situation. I’ve been jumping for a while now until I found a giant pedestal stay there until someone decides to walk over here and kill me what would say

“ Wow! I can’t believe anyone ever thought SHE would have a chance! I knew that from the day she first put on that uniform” ughhh! And my parents…. I wish that was me in that fire I wouldn’t have to be here I could’ve just been….Free and with that thought I pointed a knife at my throat.




“Looks like even your little friend decided to run away!” I heard Atle taunt, he was right behind me.

I could feel the anger bubble in the pit of my stomach.

“That’s not true.” I growl, somehow it came out as a whisper.

“You know,” Atle continued like I haven’t spoken. “I could let you join my alliance.”

Wow, that got me shocked. Atle, my arch nemesis, just offered me to join him?!

“You mean it?”

“Yeah, of course! You could be very helpful.”

Should I? If I teamed with Atle, my chances of winning would be so much higher. I wouldn’t have to be alone, and teamwork has many advantages. But what about Cato? Cato absolutely hates Atle, I would have to abandon him! And Rubia, Connor, Avery, there was no way I could be with them while I’m with Atle…


Atle looked stunned, “no?”


“So then I guess I have to kill you.” He replied.

Our swords met and dust flew into the air. “Just like old times.” He murmured.


That was Cato! And because I was distracted, Atle gave me a cut on the leg.

“Your skills have not improved.” Atle teased.

I hacked at his arms but it seemed like he had armor. Does that mean…

“You’re a Minor?!”

He grinned and slashed at my arms, “that’s right! Now, you are going down!”

Narrowly avoiding the swing, I backed away, slowly getting faster until I was sprinting away from Atle.

“Stop running away, you coward!” Atle yelled at me.

Please, please, Cato, find one. I begged in my head.

“Ha!” I was cornered, Atle and a cliff. “Either way, you die!” He laughed triumphantly.


I desperately threw a rock at Atle. Of course, it bounced harmlessly off his chest, but it hit the ground and there was a metal click.



And Atle vanished as the sand became a rock above him.

“Either way, I live, Atle.” I corrected him.

He couldn’t hear me, but the rest of the Lubilar can.




Tears started to form in my eyes and death just seemed so close so addicting so….Satisfying I just wanted to jump of the course hoping that I’d die quickly or just stab myself with this very knife or just have Freedom from this world I started to walk forward keeping the knife close so if the drop took too long I could always stab myself I lost my mom my dad even my competitive soul. I stopped and cut myself on the knee and just when I was about to go for my throat I stopped and dropped to the ground sobbing like a little girl who just wants her mama

“No I can’t die, well not like this just think of your sister who want’s you home she doesn’t have anybody too and then it struck me…



I missed the holograms, which was disappointing, but I wasn’t sure if I could stand it if Connor or Avery died. But now, I needed to find out how to get to the next course, I needed to investigate in cliff.

Looking over the side of the cliff, I realized that it indeed was the only place I could go.

“Styx.” I muttered.

“Styx indeed.”

I whirled around to find a girl also staring down at the cliff.

“I’m Aspari Leviosa.” She added quickly, seeing my dagger.

The way she said it sounded like As-par-e.

“You want to team?” I raised my eyebrow, “so far both of my teammates have nearly died and have left me.”

“I wasn’t going to team with you.” She retorted, “I just don’t wanna kill you.”

There was a moment of silence, “you think we have to jump off the cliff to get to the next course?”

I took a step back, “we’ll die if we jump off!”

“Where else can we go?”

I had to admit she was right, “you first, I don’t wanna die.”

She crossed her arms, “don’t be the scaredy cat.”

“Fine, we jump together.”

To my surprise, she smirked and jumped without me.

“Hey!” I quickly followed her.

A scream escaped me as we plummeted from the cliff.

“How are you not screaming your head off?!” I yelled at Aspari.

“Hope is stronger than fear!” Came her reply.

“You’re weird!”

Then we slammed into a platform surprisingly soft. Groaning, I scrambled to my feet and saw Aspari doing the same.

“Are we dead?” She asked, her voice slightly hoarse.

Looking around, the new course made me let out a raspy gasp, we were in the sky. Literally.


It was a friday morning….

“Sis! Sis where are you!” I yelled in horror  every thing was burning in flames I just quickly grabbed my necklace that my mom gave me and ran towards the living room.

“Mom! Dad!” I yelled there was no answer the smoke made me cough. I fell to the ground not knowing where to go I was just 6 where would I go? Then I saw it a face a bleeding horrified face looking at me though the flames

“Avery” It was my mom

“Mom” I started to cry I ran towards her but she pushed me back

“I love you” she fell forward her entire body in flames

“Mom?” I said quietly and started to yell

“Sis!…” I realized that dad was dead to because behind my mom’s body there was a man’s body in flames. The tears were stinging my eyes and the smoke was choking me the world was fading away but I saw a girls face scared but brave pick me up and everything in my world drifted away like a little blue boat in a ocean.




Shock. The first thing that I felt, then dread. Trust me, I could already imagine me falling stupidly to my death. What heroic death that would be.

“This must be a new course,” I muttered to myself. “Never seen it before.”


I turned to stare at Aspari who was trying to jump to me, “what? What about the 55th Sholatine.”

“Don’t you remember?” She said impatiently, “they had a sky course. But they got rid of it because too many people died from falling. It wasn’t entertaining.”

Anger boiled inside me, after these stressful days of survival, I had forgotten how much I hated the Ciroka, the Sholatine had been for entertainment. I clenched my fists and made a running leap to Aspari.

“What-” She started to say.

“You know the girl from 9?” I demanded.

“Yeah, saw her in the middle…” Aspari said uncertainly.

“Well, go team with her! Stay with her!” I was at a full shout now. “Make sure she doesn’t die!”

When I reached her, I gave her a quick hug. And disappeared before she could speak, leaping across the platforms.

I don’t know how long it’s been, but I felt like I’ve just ran (or jumped)20 miles. Panting, I stopped and crouched down, it was kind hard to hid on a platform. I needed shelter, fast.
Still breathing heavily, I continued on, maybe the Ciroka would take it easy on me.


My legs feel like mush after jumping all morning and my head is killing me. I was hungry too but this is no time to worry about my stomach I had to jump! And keep on jumping until I get out of this stupid trampoline. After hours and hours of jumping I heard a quiet, raspy voice:
“As time passes, the world begins to crumble.”
My pedestal started to shake and cracks appeared. I had to jump… But to where? Everything was almost broken into a million pieces! Then the level nine earthquake began. No time to think! Just jump! I could feel the pedestal crack under my feet but I had to keep jumping, I can’t look back. Jump, jump and jump!
My feet were sore and my arms had pins and needles, then I heard an explosion and slipped.
Ughh great! This is my death Falling of a stupid pedestal!
My fingers slipped one after the other until one was left.
But no matter how hard I tried I knew this was the end, and the last finger let go of the last piece of hope. And there I was falling into nothingness to something caught me it was struggling to pull me back up but I could tell it was not giving up until I was up. There, I looked down into what seemed to be death, a black endless pit of darkness. It’s fingers were slipping but it wouldn’t let go and I held on to that hope and it brought me up it was… Emmaline! But I almost fell again
“Ah!” but she held on. I heard feet running towards us and turned to see two girls in the same condition as us and looked at Emmaline,
“Talk later, survive first.”
We started to run towards them, so did they. I was in the edge of life and death and I was not going to fall into that pit again. The other girls were the only choice.


“Ah!” Avery yelled.
Before my brain could process what was happening, I realized I was running full speed for the other tributes. I yelled a war cry and we charged.
It felt weird, fighting with Avery, but it also felt like we’ve fought together for years.
The sound of three metal weapons connecting rattled in the air. And the sound of an arrow finding its mark as one of the tributes howled in pain. I swung my sword again, driving the two female tributes back, one of them was pulling out an arrow from her arm. My muscles were straining and I was losing energy, but I swung my sword with all my strength and to my left an arrow flew past me. Both tributes fell to the ground. Dead.
I pushed Avery back and the bodies shimmered as explosions sounded, nearly deafening me.
“Well…” Avery began.
“That was horrible.” I finished.
“At least we’re alive.” Avery attempted at a cheerful tone, though failing miserably.
I stared at the place where the two tributes were, “but two lives ended to ensure that, only for a little while.”
Avery looked shocked, “don’t curse our luck!”
I shook my head, “can’t you see!” I looked at her, “Atle was hunting me… Now he is hunting us.”