Land and Water

One thing I learned in this unit Is that runoff goes back into a lake/pond after rain. Another thing I learned about is the water table.

    I think me and my partners did an okay job for example we took turns evenly doing things.
I also though that we did a good job on choosing who gets to do what.
   mountain-streams I feel kind of okay work with these tools and at the same time its still kind of weird to work with these strange tools.
    I enjoyed the stream table activities the most because we get to do things that on a daily basis don’t get to do especially in school.
     For the most part I thought everything was pretty easy and easy to follow directions because it was for the most part really simple.
    Overall I think my notes and drawings were pretty decent not to messy not to neat.
    I think I did everything very well in this unit I would choose pouring the water in lesson 7. I think the area I could Improve on would be my drawings and notes.  I am very Interested in this unit now! I have done so many lessons I think 14. My favorite one is lesson is probably the most recent one. Where we had to come up with a design to protect our houses from getting flooded. For our materials we had a range from clay and dirt to popsicle sticks and tooth picks. My team build a structure like a palicade  with popsicle sticks and wedged tooth picks in between to keep it stable. It worked and it was so fun. The water carved a path around the palicade but only on one side. It was a really fun scince experiment.

Expert Parent Share

   I Loved my dads the most. he did a presentation on hockey. I loved it so much.  It was so cool. It was really fun but the thing that I loved the most about my dads presentation were the awesome videos he showed us. I really loved it when my dad came in I thought it was awesome. I thought what my dad did was awesome but one part that I didn’t love was when my dad made me get dressed in my hockey gear. My hockey gear is so heavy and on the ice its cold so I don’t feel as hot but that time there was no ice. I was like ligit  sweating in my gear I almost sweated to death. I was so tired that day. I felt like I was going to faint.

    My second favorite parent share was Alex’s dad. He did something sort of similar to the show shark tank. There were three judges Alex , Alex’s dad , Megan. The competition was to see who would invest the most money in your company after you modify it. There were four groups and each group gets a company and either has to come up with products for it or change it. The four companies were Apple , Hershey , Great Wolf Lodge and Mcdonalds. My group got stuck with the worst company, Mcdonalds. It took my group along time to come up with a way to make it better since we disagreed about what we should do. But in the end our company got the most money in investments and won the competition. 
      My third favorite parent share was Gabbi’s mom. She did a presentation on girls lacrosse. I play boys lacrosse so it was really cool to watch some footage of girls lacrosse and learn the rules. In girls lacrosse did you know that they don’t wear pads so they could get nailed in the gut with the ball and the ball is really hard. I also found out that there is no checking because they have no pads where as in boys lacrosse you could take your stick and check a kid to the ground. What I think I found the most intresting was that the faceoffs were in the air instead of the ground.

My Passion

200px-New_York_Rangers.svgMy passion is to play in the NHL and be better than Wayne Gretzky. Hockey is my all time favorite thing to do. One of the reasons I love the sport is because it is very challenging and because I get to hit people. It is very fun right now the position is right wing and my Dad is the head coach. I really Hockey and that’s just the tip of the for why I love Hockey!

My First Free Write

I love to play Ice Hockey. It is my favorite sport out of the sports I play. I play Hockey,Basketball,Lacrosse,Basketball and Swimming. In Hockey I play right defense. I love Hockey it is so fun but I get a lot of penalty’s. I am trying to limit but in one game I got three penalty’s. I really love Hockey it is so fun!!!



My initial thoughts…

hqdefaultI feel like a little person in my head is yelling don’t hit that blue button so I don’t know what to do? I am really freaked out about this. That little dude in my head is like stopping me from doing this so I don’t know what to do? Now it feels like that little dude is punching me to stop doing this. I really confused because I want to post this but I don’t. I am really want to post this so I guess I will post this. I think this is really cool I mean anyone around the world can see my writing. I also kind of scared because People will see what I think. I am really freaked out but I am going to post this. Wow this is going to be fun.