Reflecting On Fourth Grade


My favorite unit this year that we did in math is decimals. It was really fun and challenging. We first learned about Tenths then Hundredths and last we learned about Thousandths. After we learned about all that we started adding decimals. Then we went on to subtracting decimals. And lastly Probably the hardest part of this unit was multiplying decimals. It was hard because You had to For example take 5.4 and multiply it by lets say 6 Witch equals 32.4. And Things Just got harder. That goes to say decimals was challenging and fun at the same time.



My favorite unit that were doing in writing is Toy theater script writing. It is challenging for my group because we have five people in it and its hard because we all can’t really agree on what we should write say and do in our script. We have a lot of people so its hard to make decisions. The members of my group are Abby, Jack, Megan Me and Grant. I have had some pretty good ideas Such as switching scene one and two around. Its challenging but fun. Sure it has its challenges such not getting along but its all worth it.


My favorite unit in reading is read aloud. Its really fun listening to all these different stories and genres. But if I had to choose a favorite book it will be book scavenger. It about two kid who go on an an adventure going around San Francisco solving riddles puzzles games and syfers.

Social StudiesĀ 

My Favorite thing in social studies is Researching and learning about the american revolution. It is really fun learning about battles between america and great britain. Learning about taxes and what happened.


My favorite thing that we did in science is the stream table part of the unit land and water. My favorite part of the stream tables is lesson 14 when we had every day objects such as tooth picks , popsicle sticks and much more. The goal was to create a design with that and build it out to protect a village from flooding. My team went first and succeed.


P.E stands for physical education. My favorite unit in P.E is the baseball unit we did. I wasn’t like real baseball cause there was no mits, we used wiffle balls and used foam bats. It was still really fun though. It was cool because whenever I got a pitch I always hit it over the cars since we played on the black top.


In music my favorite thing that we did this year was our opera duets. Its were we first composed an orchestral piece. Then we wrote lyrics to the song.Then we recorded the song. We put the two pieces together and posted it on a website for music.


My most favorite thing that we did in art is when we had our art assessment. That’s when our art teacher Ms. Cameron Gave us a building platform Some strips of paper and glue and just let us build what ever we want with no limits. It was so fun!


My favorite thing that we did in spanish is when we did our costarica projects. That’s were we did research on costa rica and we learned some history of costa rica.


My fist goal was to improve in my handwriting because it is not very neat. Overall this year I think I really improved in my handwriting. I think I learned better technique for how to write manuscript. How I learned to write better was by learning new ways how grip the pencil. My next goal was to read 20 books over the course of the year. Personally I didn’t keep track of every single book I read this year but I am pretty sure I reached my goal. How I did it was by spending time to reading books and really dived in to them. My third goal was to make new friends. I definitely accomplished that. How I did it was by being myself and sure sometimes I can freak out but that’s just me. My final goal was to learn more about the Spanish language. I think I really succeed on that topic. How I did it was just pay attention in class and studied the language. My 5 grade goals are to 1. Get better at basketball 2. To learn more Spanish 3. Have neater hand writing.

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  1. I agree about a lot of the things in your writing like we agree about what we like in science and the baseball unit.

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