Thanksgiving week , Nerf War

It was mid noon. The stakes were high. It was me and my cousin Issac against my brother and my two other cousins. We had the unfinished basement and they had the playroom. We were going to attack like this , There was a hallway between us and two doors to the playroom. I would sneak in through the bathroom entrance and Issac would stand out side the main entrance hidden behind the wall when I yelled go we would storm the base and attack it was all so simple we put the plan into action. But that’s where it all went wrong.

We sneaked out of the main door quietly and headed for our positions but that’s when we herd ATTACK! Me and Issac looked puzzled as we turned around to see my brother and my other cousins shooting at us from behind the couch. They had hid behind the couch and now we didn’t know what to do. We quickly took shelter behind the kitchen and we decided that we were just going to go out there and shoot every last bullet we got. We jumped up and the war truly had begun…

Expert lecture #1

Today after anticipating and guessing who would come in for our first expert share we finally found out. It was Rania’s dad. Today he came in and talked to us about money. From the stone ages of money (bartering) to today’s version of money. He also told us about bit coins. Bit coins are a new and modern version of money. They are a digital version of money. However though bit coins are still a work in progress and are not fully released. I think they will be a cool and new way off money. We also talked about counter fitting and how with the help of bit coins if everything goes well they should help reduce counter fitting. In conclusion I thought it was very interesting.

Our first launch

This is my groups first rocket

This is my groups first rocket

It felt amazing to see my groups rocket being launched. I t was really cool to see it shoot up into the air like a bullet and then come spiraling down. I was most exited when my group launched our rocket. We were going first. I was so exited to see will the rocket go really high or not. 3,2,1 Blast off it shot up into the air but not as high as I had expected. Our clinomniter average for clinomniters 1a and 1b were 10 degrees. Our clinomniter average for clinomniters 2a and 2b were 26.2 degrees. our readings were pretty far fetched but after we did some calculations we found out our total was 16.5 meters. In conclusion with 16.5 meters as our height that put in last place for our first. I personally think that we spent to a little much time making it look cool and not weighing the possibilities of our out come but I still think we did a good job.

Our second launch

Our second launch has come to a conclusion. It was very exciting and I think my group did the best. I was very tense to see will our rocket go high or will it go low like our first launch. I was anticipating that the rocket would go high and luckily I was right. For our first launch our clinomiter average from clinomters 1a and 1b were 10  degrees. our clinomter average from 2a and 2b were 26.2 degrees. For our second and more recent launch how ever though our clinomiter reading were a little more accurate and a little less far fetched. For clinomiters 1a and 1b our average was 26 degrees and for clinomiters 2a and 2b our average was 33.85 degrees. Therefore I state that on our second iteration I believe that we did a much better job than our first iteration.