Expert Lecture #3

On Friday Rushes dad (Mat Schwartz) came in and talked to us about the Supreme Court. He was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alto. Right now Mat is a lawyer. He didn’t really talk to us about being a lawyer but his experience as a clerk working Supreme Court for a justice. He had talked to us about some of the cases that he had experienced while clerking. We also took this little quiz on the ares that he covered. I really thought it was interesting how the Supreme Court works. He also told us on how we had nine justices but recently one died so we only have eight justices and they can tie on a case and the ruling from the court below will be the decident. I really enjoyed rushes dad coming in on Friday. What I really thought was cool was that there was a Supreme Court case in Scarsdale. It was about churches putting up giant Cheshire in the middle of the town. The town told the churches to take it down because it symoblized that the town was christian but there are so many jews in Scarsdale. The church refused to take it down so the case went all the way up to the Supreme Court. Eventually the church won the case. In conclusion I really liked having Rushes dad come in on Friday.

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