Rube Goldberg #1

This is my first Rube Goldberg post and this is what my machine does. We have on of those circular swirly marble maze pieces taped to the desk. We will drop the marble in it. The marble will swirl around and go thought the opening at the bottom where we taped a card board tube. The marble will go through the tube witch where we set up dominoes ( jenga pieces ). The dominoes will rap around a chair and the elevate by going over video game boxes that we stacked up. It will go onto a container flipped upside down and then the dominoes ¬†will nudge a hot wheels car. The hot wheels car will then speed up do a loopy loop. After the loopy loop the hot wheels car with all its momentum will come out of the loopy loop and take a mid air jump hitting a golf ball where the car lands and the the golf ball is on a slanted hot wheels track. The golf ball will pick up momentum and hit the miniature tower with a dog treat on top and knock it over because we have placed a dog bowl behind it so I and Harley’s final goal was to put a dog treat in the dog bowl. But unfortunately Harley’s older brother Hunter got mad for no reason at all and destroyed everything. Harley and I are hoping to rebuild it today.

One thought on “Rube Goldberg #1

  1. Great post! It’s cool to see how different other people’s Rube Goldbergs are. Also, that’s annoying that Harley’s brother knocked it down. I know how annoying brothers can be.

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