Capstone #1: Topic Chosen…

I have recently chose my topic for Capstone. I am so exited and anxious to get started. For my topic I have chosen Who Are The Greatest NBA Legends And How Did They Get To Be Where They Are Right Now. I am really nervous about this but also psyched at the same time. I am thinking about creating kind of like a list and each player would have their own slide. I would name the person say their position and what they were known for. I would then say all of their achievements and give some background history about the players life. I really hope this turns out well. Good luck to everyone else!

Immigration: Greenscreen

Today I learned how to use a Greenscreen on imovie verion 10.0 it was really fun. Basically you have to open imovie go to crome select an immage drag it out onto desktop, drag the photo ontop of your movie. Go to adjust and change greenscreen settings from cutaway to blue/green screen. Once you get it all to work its so cool. With greenscreens you can create the eloution that your flying, that your in star wars, that your a fantasy world with wizards and dragons. With greenscrenns you can create any eloution. That is why I am telling you how to acsess it.

Where I Am From…

Where I’m From…

By Taj


I am from blue skies and hot sun

From Cold days and snowflakes

I am from a house atop a hill

And with four people inside of it

I am from redwood trees

Whoose bark is red as blood

I am from my possessions

From Yusuf and Grewal

I am from Christmas and Eid

And from getting together on the holidays

From playing hockey

I am from differnt cultures

I am from my Mom and my Dad

From India and Pakistan

From St.Luis and  Canada

Different places but not that different

From my dad almost getting hit by a bus

And from my mom winning a reading contest

I am from the moments and I always will Be