Capstone #4 Site Visit!

I recently just did my site visit. I went to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was a great experience. We first had to drive there for 2 hours. We got on the road a little bit lat thought. My dad intended for us to leave at around 8 AM but we actually ended up leaving at about 9:30 AM. We got on the road and there was no traffic. We got there in pretty good time. We were all pretty hungry but luckily there was a restaurant actually a few restaurants that were connected to the hall of fame. We went in and ordered our food. I got the Philly Cheese Steak burger with Onions, Mushrooms, A Patty, Shredded Beef, American Cheese and a Bun. It was an interesting meal. The Burger/Cheese Steak was pretty good. My favorite part of the meal was however the fries. We walked in and they sent us up an elevator. It sent us to the 3rd floor which was were the Photos of the legends and the Facts and writing on them was. It was awesome. We went down stairs and they had all sorts of things. They had a VR world where you could play basketball and so many other cool games. They had a media center where you could broadcast yourself to the T.V next to you. You could compare your height to different players. They had a whole open room with a giant screen with MJ highlights and so much more. On the bottom floor they had a bunch of basketball hoops that you could shoot on. They also had a section where you could shoot on the evolution of the basketball hoop. You could also shoot on the first ever basketball hoop to ever be created. This experience was awesome and I highly recommend going. This was probably my favorite part of capstone! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Capstone #3… Back With Interview #2 (feat. Nik Stauskas)

I just recently interview NBA player Nik Stauskas. He was very nice and answered all my questions very thoroughly. My questions for him were…

  1. Who or what inspired you to dedicate your life to basketball
  2. *Who were your role models and people that you looked up to as a child
  3. Why did you choose to play basketball instead of other sports
  4. Did you ever envision a difference career
  5. *Where there any particularly hard challenges that you faced during your career
  6. *What did you like the best about being an NBA player and What did you like the least about being an NBA player
  7. *What do you think are the differences are between the NBA and the WNBA
  8. If you weren’t an NBA player what would you be doing
  9. Do you have any advice for kids who want to play in the NBA
  1. When did you start taking interest in the sport of basketball
  2. *How do you think your career would be effected if you were drafted by another team instead of the Kings
  3. Whats your favorite aspect of basketball
  4. Who was your favorite coach from your entire life
  5. What was your favorite team to play on and why
  6. Who introduced you to basketball
  7. If you were able to choose what team you played on where would you go
  8. *Who do you think is going to win MVP this year
  9. Which team do you think is going to win the NBA championship
  10. What is it like to be an NBA player

20. Who do you think are the top 5 greatest NBA players of all time and why

Nik as an actual person was very nice but there were some things that he said that I would disagree with…

When I asked him “Who do you think is going to win MVP this year?” He responded by saying “I think Westbrook is going to win but I personally think that Lebron James deserves it”. It got even worse when I asked him who do you think is going to win the championship this year? He awnsered by saying “I think the Cav’s are going to win”. (Most of you know that I am a warriors fan and that the warriors lost to the Cav’s in the finals last year Cough* Cough* Rush. As a warriors fan I was deeply offended.) But somehow it got worst when I asked him my final question. “Who do you think are the top 5 greatest NBA players of all time and why?”. He answered by saying I am going to put Jordan at #1 but if Lebron won another championship I will put Lebron at  #1. His top 5 was so twisted that he didn’t even put Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in it. Thank you for reading, Hope you enjoy! P.S. Boo Cav’s!

Capstone #2… Interview With ASHLEY BATTLE!

Yesterday I spoke with former WNBA player Ashley Battle. I found out a lot about Ashley. For instance everyone in her family played basketball and that she was raised by a single mother. She wanted to be a surgen when she was a young girl. The actual interview was great. Ashley was really nice and gave thourgh anwesers to every one of all my 20 questions. She seemed extremeley exited to be a part of this.  Some of my 20 questions for Ashley were “who or what inspired you to dedicate your life to basketball.” Another question was “Who were your rolemodels and people that you looked up to as a child.” I am not going to name all of the questions cause that would take to long for you to read and because I am getting kind of tired. In retrospective I think the interview went really well. Thank you for reading! P.S. look out for interview number 2 with nik stauskas! P.P.S. be on the look out for site visit at the basketball hall of fame!

Recording Voice Overs… Immigration

We recently recorded voice overs. Kenneth didn’t want to be narrarator but Rush and I both wanted to be narrarator so we did a coin flip 2 out of 3 Rush ended up winnig so he got to become the narrarator. The movie came toghther pretty well. There was some fighting and some problems along the way but we got over them. The movie in the end turned out really good but we did have a little trouble while recording voice over. It is very hard to hear but at the begining the other group across the hall was really loud and they kind of but not really screwed up our voice over. It turned out pretty good however thought.