Capstone #2… Interview With ASHLEY BATTLE!

Yesterday I spoke with former WNBA player Ashley Battle. I found out a lot about Ashley. For instance everyone in her family played basketball and that she was raised by a single mother. She wanted to be a surgen when she was a young girl. The actual interview was great. Ashley was really nice and gave thourgh anwesers to every one of all my 20 questions. She seemed extremeley exited to be a part of this. ┬áSome of my 20 questions for Ashley were “who or what inspired you to dedicate your life to basketball.” Another question was “Who were your rolemodels and people that you looked up to as a child.” I am not going to name all of the questions cause that would take to long for you to read and because I am getting kind of tired. In retrospective I think the interview went really well. Thank you for reading! P.S. look out for interview number 2 with nik┬ástauskas! P.P.S. be on the look out for site visit at the basketball hall of fame!

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