Immigration Post #2: Planning the interview

To get ready for my interview, I had to do a lot of stuff. To get started, I had to call my grandfather and ask if I could interview him about how he immigrated to Canada. He said yes. I decided to work out with him that I would interview him on Sunday March 31st. Then I had to get my questions ready. I looked at a paper I was given that had some questions on it. I circled all the questions that I wanted and then put them on a doc. Then I had to figure out if I was going to video it or use an audio app. I decided there would be nothing to video so I used an audio app on my phone.


I called my grandfather on Sunday morning. He told me he was busy and he said to call back at 6, so I did. When everything was ready and I interviewed him, I also took notes on what he said. The actual interview took around 8 minutes.


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