Capstone Blog #5

Have you ever wondered about how service dogs are trained? I wanted to learn about service dogs for my capstone. My main inquiry question is how are service dogs trained and how do they help their owners. To answer this question, I had to do a lot of research. I read articles, searched YouTube, interviewed people and did a site visit to a service dog walkathon. Service dogs are trained when they are 8 -12weeks old. They are sent to a foster puppy raiser where they learn to behave and to socialize with people. They go back to a training school where they are taught all sorts of commands to help the person that needs help. After they are trained, they are assigned an owner by their disability and by their personality. If the person is blind, the dog will help them cross the street and guide them around places. If they are assigned to an autistic kid, they will stop the kid from running away in public places. The dogs will be the owner’s service dog until they are old, and they will retire and be a regular pet.

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