This week in class we had to create a wellness log spreadsheet, here is mine:

Some of the things on here I did by selecting the cells and either adding or averaging that range of cells. You can use these features for multiple things such as business plans and budgets for your businesses etc.

Tynker so far

So far I am proud of my progress with tynker and I have a couple of struggles making loops. I struggle with loops because it is hard for me to find how many times the loop should repeat. This is not a hard project to overcome and I think I can do it, a strategy I used is looking at the code from different angles and seeing it from different angles.

Swift Playground

Byte Moves Foward 3 Times

Byte Collects the gem

Byte Moves foward 4 times

Byte Toggles Switch

The first time I did this I had made it the longer version of the two ways, after I completed the long way I tried to find the short which wasn’t that hard to find. Once I found it I made the code, it was very simple.

Everyone Can Code

I thought this showed us how coding has inspired people and how it is changing everything. This video really describes how important coding is how it helps us in everyday life and how easy it is to make a code using swift. Coding has changed everything around for better or for worse, no matter how you code it is important is someway to someone.

Music Video Review – Theo

Theo’s music video is in enticing, exciting, and Lively! I really like Theo’s music because it’s enticing, exciting, and lively I like this kind of music because it makes me feel good and and exciting. One way Theo could improve his project is making the actor move. Overall Theo’s tynker project is one of the best I’ve heard!

Computer is Changing Everything

After watching this video I realized how much technology and the internet has changed our lives. One way it has changed our lives is the corn bot, the washing machine, these are some examples of how technology has changed out lives. The way the corn bot changes our lives is it plants all the seeds for the farmer reducing the amount of work for the farmer. The washing machine has changed our lives by cleaning all of our clothing in a matter of minutes rather than going to the stream with your washboard. This is some ways technology has changed our lives.

Capstone Blog Post #3

For my capstone project, I decided to use a format that is like I’m sitting at an ESPN desk. I chose this format because I thought it would fit the whole idea of analyzing Larry Bird, like I would be a sports analyst. Some things I enjoyed most about my capstone project is coming up with my main inquiry question and sub questions because it is really interesting to start from ground zero on my capstone project. One of the challenges I encountered was finding an interview that qualified my capstone project.  I am looking forward to sharing my capstone project because I would then have ways to improve my capstone project.

Capstone Blog Post #2

We just finished the interview part of the project. My interview went really well, I got a lot of good information to research that would be really hard to find without that interview. My interviewee’s name is Tod and he is a local basketball coach that is really good at analyzing players. I thought he would be a perfect interviewee. He also plays streetball in New York City. He enjoyed the interview a lot and said it would be ok to call if I need more information. Overall this is one of the best interviews I’ve ever done. I also did reach out to former Teammates of Larry Bird or people that have watched him play in his career, but I did not hear back from the players or analysts which was disappointing.