Technology Post #1

This week, we started technology, Monday we had a snow day and Tuesday was all virtual. When I got to school I was excited about technology, I was extra excited because we are making tech bags. In the tech bags, we had things like tacky glue, precision cutters, wire cutters, a breadboard, etc. While we were making our tech bags we were watching a documentary about automatons, these machines were like early robots mostly made by clockworks, the idea in this was a lot like the book Hugo. The tech bags are so important because through the year the tech bag will have all the necessary materials for the projects that we do.  I am super excited about tech this year because it is so unique.

Everyone Can Code

I thought this showed us how coding has inspired people and how it is changing everything. This video really describes how important coding is how it helps us in everyday life and how easy it is to make a code using swift. Coding has changed everything around for better or for worse, no matter how you code it is important is someway to someone.

Computer is Changing Everything

After watching this video I realized how much technology and the internet has changed our lives. One way it has changed our lives is the corn bot, the washing machine, these are some examples of how technology has changed out lives. The way the corn bot changes our lives is it plants all the seeds for the farmer reducing the amount of work for the farmer. The washing machine has changed our lives by cleaning all of our clothing in a matter of minutes rather than going to the stream with your washboard. This is some ways technology has changed our lives.