Ignite Presentation Reflection

When it was my turn I had to stand up in front of all those parents I think that my face turned red and I know for a fact that I was sweating like crazy and if I forgot my lines for some reason that made me feel calmer I think it did because nobody else knew my script. I was just beginning to get extremely nervous and then my dad was smiling at me which made me much happier and calmed me down.

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – 3

This Read Aloud Reflection is the 3rd  in a series of posts about the book Wonder.

Halloween is positive for Augie because … As we know his face is deformed so he like’s Halloween because then he gets to wear a mask so people don’t stare at him without the mask. I Know this because in the text it says Halloween is Augie’s favorite holiday because he get’s to wear a mask and this makes people not stare at him.

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – 2

This Read Aloud Reflection is the 2nd in a series of posts about Wonder.

A precept is a rule about a really important thing. My precept is to have an Attitude of Gratitude. In our read aloud today it was Augie’s first day of school, and I think that he is trying to make his parent’s feel good, but he really doesn’t. One example is Julian he always is sneaky but mean and he is good in front of teachers.


Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – 1

This Read Aloud Reflection is the 1st in a series of posts about Wonder.

I think that Julian is trying to be really sly one example that i can show this is that,  on the first day of school in homeroom julian insulted him with two thing one way he did it is that Julian said whats up with your braid is something from star wars? Is your favorite character Darth Sidius ( Darth sidius has a deformed face like Augie.) This is how Julian is very sly.