Capstone Post #7 Sharing my Capstone

My share was great! Tons of people wanted to see my capstone! My parents and grandparents loved it! I didn’t have the most people because some people had raffles, and people loved the raffles. I won a raffle, and won a free ice cream. People loved my action figures of Michael Jordan. My friend Carson loaned them to me and let me have one. I got the University of North Carolina one. Continue reading

Capstone #5 Answering My Main Inquiry Question

Answering my main inquiry question was hard. I had an answer but the  I completely changed it. One of my sub questions was, How does Michael inspire people? My answer was almost the exact same thing as my answer for my main inquiry question. So Ms. Edwards told me  I should have my dad help because he knows a lot about MJ. My dad was a huge help. He helped research and told me things I never knew about Michael Jordan. Here is my answer!  Continue reading

Capstone #4 Site Visit

For my Site Visit I went to Madison Square Garden (MSG). I went there because on March 28, 1995, right after Michael came back from retirement, he scored 55 points and that is when people started so say,”He’s back!” Before that game Michael was not playing like himself. He was not scoring like he did before his retirement. He was not playing well and that game showed people that he’s back!

I also went to Heist, a shoe store for my Site Visit. I went there because there are hundreds of Air Jordan’s there. Air Jordan’s have been around since 1985, and still are the most popular basketball shoes! Air Jordan does not only make basketball shoes, they make slides and clothes. Michael did not only change the game of basketball, he changed the business of sports.

Here are some pictures from my visit to Heist! Continue reading

Capstone #3 My Interview

For my capstone I had to interview a person related to my topic, or someone who knows a lot about your topic. My topic is Michael Jordan, so I interviewed the coach of the Tulane Greenwave, Mike Dunleavy Sr. I could not interview him face to face because he is in Louisiana at Tulane. I sent and email to my grandma’s friend who sent it to him. He responded in about three days, which I was so happy about! I thought he would respond in a week! The answers were short, but good!  Continue reading

Grace Lin Visit

Grace Lin’s visit was very cool. She came in on her birthday, so it was very exiting. I learned Chinese words, myths, and legends. I learned about the God of Marriage. We learned how to make a lucky tiger, which was cool. Meeting Grace Lin was very fun.

Capstone #1 Choosing a Topic

There were two topics I wanted to do. Basketball, or Michael Jordan. I chose Michael Jordan because if I did basketball I would  have to choose something about basketball, like the history, or the players. I feel it is much easier to just do one player that I know a lot about, so I chose Michael Jordan.I also chose Michael Jordan because it is a cool topic, because basketball is a popular sport and Michael Jordan is known as the best basketball player of all time.