Rube Goldberg 2

I am working alone and doing well. My goal is to make a ball go in a soccer net. I have dominoes, books ramps, marbles, a goal, and a soccer ball. I think splitting up was a good idea.

The first try…

I am in the process of making a Rube Goldberg machine. I had Michael, Michael, Max, and Carson in my group. After the first meeting we split up. Carson, Michael H and I are doing it alone, Michael and Max went together. It didn’t go well, but we hope splitting up will be for the best.

Cowboy life

I made a board game about cowboy life. We included facts and some people in the game. Someone in my group 3-D printed a monster(ogre) and put it in our game. I did not like that idea. But the rest was good. Click on the pictures to see the full picture!