Capstone #3 My Interview

For my capstone I had to interview a person related to my topic, or someone who knows a lot about your topic. My topic is Michael Jordan, so I interviewed the coach of the Tulane Greenwave, Mike Dunleavy Sr. I could not interview him face to face because he is in Louisiana at Tulane. I sent and email to my grandma’s friend who sent it to him. He responded in about three days, which I was so happy about! I thought he would respond in a week! The answers were short, but good! I asked Mike simple questions like, “How close are you and Michael Jordan” and “Where do you think Michael Jordan is on the list of the best players?” He said that Michael Jordan is number 1 on the list of the best players, which I think too. He said he loved all of my questions, which made me so happy! It was so cool to be able to interview a pro basketball coach who won coach of the year! If I couldn’t interview Mike I would’ve interviewed Michael Jordan’s agent, which also would’ve been really cool!

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