Capstone #4 Site Visit

For my Site Visit I went to Madison Square Garden (MSG). I went there because on March 28, 1995, right after Michael┬ácame back from retirement, he scored 55 points and that is when people started so say,”He’s back!” Before that game Michael was not playing like himself. He was not scoring like he did before his retirement. He was not playing well and that game showed people that he’s back!

I also went to Heist, a shoe store for my Site Visit. I went there because there are┬áhundreds of Air Jordan’s there. Air Jordan’s have been around since 1985, and still are the most popular basketball shoes! Air Jordan does not only make basketball shoes, they make slides and clothes. Michael did not only change the game of basketball, he changed the business of sports.

Here are some pictures from my visit to Heist!


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