Capstone #5 Answering My Main Inquiry Question

Answering my main inquiry question was hard. I had an answer but the  I completely changed it. One of my sub questions was, How does Michael inspire people? My answer was almost the exact same thing as my answer for my main inquiry question. So Ms. Edwards told me  I should have my dad help because he knows a lot about MJ. My dad was a huge help. He helped research and told me things I never knew about Michael Jordan. Here is my answer! 

Question: How has Michael Jordan affected the game of basketball and how has his career evolved after his retirement?


Michael affected the game of basketball in many ways:

  1. Competitor:
    1. He was regarded as one of the most competitive athletes to play the game.
    2. Michael once lost a game of ping-pong to his teammates. He bought a table and practiced every day for six months, and then beat his teammate in a rematch.  
  2. Hard working:
    1. Michael treated every practice and scrimmage as if it were game 7 of the NBA finals.
    2. Michael started working with a trainer in 1989 focusing on his core.
  3. Pushing his teammates:
    1. Every practice Michael would expect all of his teammate to play with maximum effort.
    2. After the 1989-1990 season, where the Bulls lost in the playoffs, Michael Established The Breakfast Club, which was intense morning workouts, and then Michael would provide breakfast, and then they would go to practice together.
  4. His determination to be the best:
    1. In Michael’s Sophomore year of high school, he got cut from his varsity team. This inspired him to work harder.
    2. Each offseason he would improve one part of his game, such as low post moves or three point shot.
    3. He became a great defensive player earning defensive player of the year in his 4th year in the league


Michael’s career evolved after his retirement. It evolved because of Michael businesses. He has a steakhouse at Grand Central Station in New York City, and Air Jordan is still the most popular basketball shoe! Michael still is in the basketball business. He is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, so he is still involved in the game.

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