Capstone Post #7 Sharing my Capstone

My share was great! Tons of people wanted to see my capstone! My parents and grandparents loved it! I didn’t have the most people because some people had raffles, and people loved the raffles. I won a raffle, and won a free ice cream. People loved my action figures of Michael Jordan. My friend Carson loaned them to me and let me have one. I got the University of North Carolina one.

I used these action figures...

People loved the Talking Michael. It was big, and that is what people liked.

I wasn’t that nervous to share but I would’ve been more nervous if I had to do a live presentation. I did an iMovie so I did not have to worry about messing up my lines. At the end I was proud and had a fun time. I picked a topic I liked, and that made it fun.

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