December 8

All About Me

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This is a netball.?

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This is the Union Jack (the british flag)?

Hi my name is Taran ?. I love reading and playing netball. Netball is like basketball but it has stricter rules. I have a family of four people: my mum, dad, sister and myself. I used to live in London but I moved to New York in August 2016. My best friend in London is Leena, but here it is not yet known  My favorite field trip was to Osmington Bay for a week- it was so fun!!! My favorite color is black.  My favorite animal is a  horse.

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London at night!!! So pretty!!!

A few of my favorite movies are:

 ●Ferris Buller’s Day Off ?

●Christmas With The Kranks?

● Nancy Drew ?

●Star Wars Rouge One?


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This is Katy              



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All my British friends on a 1 week trip! SO FUN!!!?




August 21

The Frog and the Toad

The frog and the toad are good friends and they live in the same area, the pond at the local school. The pond is small and it does get alot of attention so the frog and the toad do too. They see many changes go by the school especialy in the garden near the pond. Today the gardener, Mr. Samson planted some new seeds and now there is a new plant and it is getting alot of attention from humans and inscects too, that means that frog and toad are not getting all the attention and they do not like that. One day a new girl joined the school and her name was Iman and she must of not known the the new plant is getting all the attention because she went straight to the frog and toad. She took alot of interest in them escpecialy as they are not even rare. Her friends pulled her over to the new plant but she kept looking over at the frog and the toad, why?

Iman kept looking over at the frog and toad because she saw that they were not getting any attention and that the were sad. She knew this because her brother’s pet cat was in the same situation. She had got puppy for her brother for his tenth birthday and he gave that puppy more attention then he ever gave his cat, even when he got his cat he did not show so much emotion that what he gave his new puppy but when the dog got sick and died, the cat was not their to comfort him because the cat left thinking she was not needed any more because her owners had a dog now and they were more happy with the dog than they ever were with her. She knew when the plant got old and every one came back to the frog and the toad, they would not be there for them all. She thought if she kept on looking at the frog and the toad slowly others would do the same and soon (she hoped) the plant and the frog and the toad would get the same amount of care. affection and attention as each other.


The End

June 14

Short Films!!!

I do not know about you but I love short films so when Mrs Marshall makes us popcorn to eat while watching short films, I barley touch my popcorn so I have to rush to eat it at the end of the day. Here are a few of my favorites:



I love the first one because it shows me not to someone you are not because the lady goes through the whole process of becoming slim but she comes out the same and I thought that was because the man loved her just the way she was. I love the second one because it tells me that you could be from the other side of the world but you can love/like you choose because you are free to make your own decitions.

April 5


I love Indian Weddings so much so when there is a wedding that my family are invited to we all get excited to go for different reasons, for my dad and I, it is the parties. Here are a few highlights from one wedding. wedding is a really nice one here are some wedding songs that my dad and I like to dance to.

This is a really nice wedding movie, it is one of my favorites. Please watch this movie a little bit at a time.

March 22

Matt Is super annoying


this is what he says


Matt helps out in a club I do. All he talks about is movies and science. Everyone agrees that he is annoying.

March 17

State test!!!

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This is the opposite of me .

I am really NOT looking forward to the state test. It is my first time taking it and I am freaking out. I try my best but I always feel annoyed that we even moved here  because if I did not, then I would not be doing the state test in the first place! I am doing so much preparation and I always feel like I am going to fail, do you have any suggestions? I have always liked school until now. Ava my partner in reading is telling me it is fine but as we get closer and closer to the state test I am Getting worried, HELP!!!

March 15


I love movies. I always go to the movie theater to watch movies. I also have Netflix which is awesome.

There are two movies that I am looking forward to seeing, one is called Boss Baby and the other is Beauty and the Beast.Image result for beauty and the beast with emma watsonImage result for boss baby

I am looking forward to Boss Baby because the trailer just looks good but am looking forward to Beauty & the Beast because the trailer looks good and because Emma Watson is in it. I love Emma Watson because firstly she is in the Harry Potter movies (which I love) and second she is an amazing actress.

Some other movies that I like are:

-Christmas With The Kranks

-Nancy Drew

-Star Wars Rouge One


I also really enjoy olden day movies like:

 Ferris Buller’s Day Off

-Baby’s Day Out

-the old Annie

-A Princess Bride

-And A Bunch Of Other Movies

-I also really want to see Batteries Not Included and Flubber!!!?