March 15


I love movies. I always go to the movie theater to watch movies. I also have Netflix which is awesome.

There are two movies that I am looking forward to seeing, one is called Boss Baby and the other is Beauty and the Beast.Image result for beauty and the beast with emma watsonImage result for boss baby

I am looking forward to Boss Baby because the trailer just looks good but am looking forward to Beauty & the Beast because the trailer looks good and because Emma Watson is in it. I love Emma Watson because firstly she is in the Harry Potter movies (which I love) and second she is an amazing actress.

Some other movies that I like are:

-Christmas With The Kranks

-Nancy Drew

-Star Wars Rouge One


I also really enjoy olden day movies like:

¬†Ferris Buller’s Day Off

-Baby’s Day Out

-the old Annie

-A Princess Bride

-And A Bunch Of Other Movies

-I also really want to see Batteries Not Included and Flubber!!!?

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