March 17

State test!!!

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This is the opposite of me .

I am really NOT looking forward to the state test. It is my first time taking it and I am freaking out. I try my best but I always feel annoyed that we even moved here  because if I did not, then I would not be doing the state test in the first place! I am doing so much preparation and I always feel like I am going to fail, do you have any suggestions? I have always liked school until now. Ava my partner in reading is telling me it is fine but as we get closer and closer to the state test I am Getting worried, HELP!!!

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1 thoughts on “State test!!!

  1. kweiss24

    I have done it before it is really no biggie, Ava is right. once you finish you finish and it doesn’t bother you until next year so really just do it and get it done! and this is good advise because I got a 4 for ELA and MATH. really no biggie.


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