August 21

The Frog and the Toad

The frog and the toad are good friends and they live in the same area, the pond at the local school. The pond is small and it does get alot of attention so the frog and the toad do too. They see many changes go by the school especialy in the garden near the pond. Today the gardener, Mr. Samson planted some new seeds and now there is a new plant and it is getting alot of attention from humans and inscects too, that means that frog and toad are not getting all the attention and they do not like that. One day a new girl joined the school and her name was Iman and she must of not known the the new plant is getting all the attention because she went straight to the frog and toad. She took alot of interest in them escpecialy as they are not even rare. Her friends pulled her over to the new plant but she kept looking over at the frog and the toad, why?

Iman kept looking over at the frog and toad because she saw that they were not getting any attention and that the were sad. She knew this because her brother’s pet cat was in the same situation. She had got puppy for her brother for his tenth birthday and he gave that puppy more attention then he ever gave his cat, even when he got his cat he did not show so much emotion that what he gave his new puppy but when the dog got sick and died, the cat was not their to comfort him because the cat left thinking she was not needed any more because her owners had a dog now and they were more happy with the dog than they ever were with her. She knew when the plant got old and every one came back to the frog and the toad, they would not be there for them all. She thought if she kept on looking at theĀ frog and the toad slowly others would do the same and soon (she hoped) the plant and theĀ frog and the toad would get the same amount of care. affection and attention as each other.


The End

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