Identity Bags and Maps

Identity bags are bags full of objects that represent you, your interests, and even your possessions. I enjoyed doing identity bags because it let us share a tiny part of ourselves with our classmates, I liked this because there are some things that don’t reveal themselves during the school year. One example is that I had no idea that Gabe Co-piloted a plane, or that Ryan did taekwondo. It was also fun being able to show people some of your talents, like a trophy or a medal, or even an object. Also you get to ask people questions and learn more about them as a person. Overall I really enjoyed this project, and definitely would like to do it more in the future.

Identity maps was really fun and interesting because we kinda got to learn about ourselves, because there is a lot of things I had to think about to fill in all of the space. So it kind of reminded us of stuff we forgot about. One example is I had to think “What color are my eyes?”. I also learned a lot about my classmates, just like in the identity bags. As fun as it was there was also a few challenges like when I had five left and I could not think of anything so I had to really think about other things that define me.

Designing and Building Rocket #1

In class we are doing rocketry. Before we could design we had to do some research on what type of model will give us the best design, so we got to researching. Some things that I learned during our research are the forces acting on a rocket when it flies, and what kind of design has the best chance of withstanding the air pressure that we will be applying. 

After the research was finished we had to do a Google Drawing, where we had to carefully plan out how we were going to build it, whether we wanted a thin or thick design, or a long or short nosecone. We decided to go with a sharp long nosecone and a sleek body for a more aerodynamic design. We had to do a lot of research to get the design right, but in the end it turned out pretty good. We argued a lot for what design to do, but eventually we agreed on a pretty good design, and I hope the results are good.

During the building process we had to first create the body. To create the body we took a thin pipe and wrapped thick construction paper around it that we taped. After that was done, we had to make our nosecone and then put it on the rocket all while doing what we had planned before. After we made the nosecone we made a template for our fins and then cut, and glued the cardboard. While we were building the rocket, we had to compromise and stray from our design a little bit. One example of this is that in the design we had put a really long and really thin cone, but we ended up just doing a medium size cone.

Collaboration. Being a group project, this project requires a lot of collaboration. During this project’s designing stage we argued a lot, but during research we did not. While building our group argued but not very much, and we actually got a lot done, My thought is that we argued because we all have very strong opinions, but when we do work together we do well. Overall, our group was pretty good but in the future I think we could work more pleasantly.

Us hot gluing the fins


Rocketry post #1

Rocketry has been really fun so far, between doing our inspiration board and our first design, and even researching. Our inspiration board was really fun because we got to make diagrams and learn more about rockets. Our first design was also pretty fun because we got to learn about how rockets actually operate and how the pressure builds up and then eventually lets the pressure out so it blasts very high.

For our inspiration board we went with a design that has our group name at the top and then a few quotes, facts and pictures on the bottom our group name is Blast Off!!!  it was kind of hard at the start because our group couldn’t agree on anything, but after a while we started doing pretty well and we agreed on adding more stuff like, quotes, diagrams and pictures.

On our first design we decided to go with a sharp nosecone and a sleek body for a more aerodynamic design. We had to do a lot of research to get the design right but in the end it turned out pretty good. We argued a lot for what design to do, but eventually we agreed on a pretty good design. I look forward to the launch and the rest of this unit.

Building our Colony pt – 3

Life in the colony is good, our colony is thriving and crops are growing well. We are coming to the end of building our colony and cooperation is at its finest, we have finally finished building all of the houses and buildings. We chose interesting colors of wood to build our structures because we wanted our colony to be colorful. We had one indecent were we dropped a log on one of the houses, but we quickly repaired it before the roof collapsed. We had a meeting at the meeting house were we talked about the completion of the colony, and we celebrated.

Garage Band Scratch Project

keys a b c d e f g are for piano, keys space m n v p are for drum set and keys x z l k j h s are for guitar enjoy!!!

Mary had a little lamb: agfgaaagggzaa,agfgaaaggagf.

Joke track: space n v

Random tune : hold L then x then L then z then h  then j then k

Twinkle Twinkle little star: ccggaagffeeddc, ggffeedggffeed,ccggaagffeeddc

The Honeybee: gfe.defdc. efgedefd,efgedefd, gfe.defdc


I am who I am

I am who I am because of my brother teaching me math

I am who I am because of reading when I was young

I am who I am because of all those times riding my bike for hours

I am who I am because of all those times skateboarding for hours

I am who I am because of always competing with my brothers in sports

I am who I am because of the dedication to getting at my brothers level in sports

I am who I am because of always wanting to get better at things

I am who I am because of giving my all

I am who I am because of discussions at the table

I am who I am because of my memories


The game of life, harder than any game we can create.

Our problems always weighing us down, no matter where we go, or no matter how much we neglect them. Like a board game there are bad situations and good ones.

Also like a board game there are losses and triumphs.

There are good surprises and bad ones

We have enemies and allies but we are all part of one life, the life of this world.



Everyone is born with kindness.

But in some people it is damped or morphed.

It is not their fault

We should feel bad for them

It is because of their surroundings.

Being kind is fun.

Being mean and selfish is not.

So next time you see someone mad or mean,

Feel bad for them because their kindness has been damped by something.

Strong people think for themselves,

But stronger people think for others.