In the beginning of the school year our school gave us I-pads. These I-pads have replaced the chromebooks that my grade have been using since 4th grade. They have been very useful, we can do more things on the I-pads, they have more apps that are used to make many things easier. My grade is the first to use the I-pads throughout each house. I-pads are now used excessively and almost everything we do are on the I-pads. Giving my grade I-pads is a big step forward to making school more easy for everyone.

Breakout EDU II

Yesterday in Technology we did a breakout EDU. The room was split up in two and there were two boxes that each team had to unlock. One box had a key that unlocked the cabinet that had safety goggles in them. I had a good time with my team trying to work together to open the box. Sadly my team didn’t open our box first, but we had they key, and both teams finished before the timer ran out. Breakout EDU is a fun experience that teaches teamwork, my team tried to work together the best we could even if we didn’t always get alongĀ  we worked together and succeeded in the end.