Box Notes

My Box is for me. I will use my box to store anything of value that I need to put away. The box has to be not really big. My box will have two hinges on the back like the box on our table, this is because i want to be able to open it easily. I want my box to be completely straight, I don’t want any carvings on the outside like a beveled edge. I want the walls inside my box to be thin because i want to be able to store large quantities of things in it. I want my box to be colored a dark brown. I want there just to be plain wood inside. The Length will be 8 inches, height 5 inches, and the width will be 5 inches.

Safety In Tech 7

Last year Mr Calvert told us to not run while people are working because you could run into someone and cause an accident. This rule still applies this year because there are dangerous machines in here where if someone ran into someone who is using one of them they could cause an accident. This year one of the safety considerations is to wear safety goggles. This is important because if something dangerous flies near your eyes safety goggles will protect your eyes, but if you’re not wearing safety goggles that thing gets in your eyes and damages it.