Today I came to class early and I was determined. I had paste waxed yesterday so it was time for spray wax. I did it as fast as
I could and finally I was done. My box is very shiny now and so smooth, I am so happy that i finally finished my box.

More box progress

A lot has happened since me last post. My box fell apart and then the pieces that fell off went missing. So I had to find new parts, I did find new parts but my box looked horrible, so I spent a lot of time at the belt sander trying to fix it. I fixed it, then I routed, stained, and used pollycrillic. Three days ago I finished using steel wool to sand, but I still had to Hinge. Two days ago I hinged very quickly unfortunately one of my hinges are crooked. Yesterday I hadn’t waxed yet but I had done everything else. I really wanted to finish and quickly but I didn’t know if I would.