You may have heard of drones, the world wide sensation. Drones are flying mechanisms that are controlled by remote control. Most drones are flying ones but there are car drones. Drones have posed a serious threat to airplanes and other vehicles in the air. New laws have been made to regulate how high people can fly their drones. Amazon has been using drones for quite some time now. They use drones to deliver packages and it is very effective. Maybe drones are the mail men and women of the future.

The mysterious ladybug flashlight

Our class has made flashlights but there is one that no one knows who it belongs to. It has been sitting in a paper towel just sitting there for a long time. It has a ladybug design on it and since it is in a paper towel it looks like it is still drying. No one knows who made the ladybug flashlight and probably no one ever will.

Old Town Road Pettition

In technology we wanted to listen to the Song Old Town Road. Mr. Calvert didn’t want to so we made a petition. We first wrote it on the board with marker and got a lot of signatures. But then someone erased it so we tried again this time on paper. This time to make sure that no one would erase it I wrote everyone’s name who wanted it to be on it. Still people tried to destroy it but we kept going. We got more than 75% of the class to sign the petition, but still Mr. Calvert didn’t play the song. But finally after a few days at the end of class he played it and we were all satisfied.


In technology we have been doing a project for quite some time now. We have been making flashlights. It is a long and grueling experience, first you have to plot it out on some construction paper. Once you have done that you cut peices of pipe that will become your flashlight.  Then you cut wires and skin them to find uncover the metal part of the wire. Then you solder the wires to a light a switch and a battery. Then you put your soldered wires and other things into the pipe and you are done. Making a flashlight has been an interesting experience it was hard, but it is rewarding when you see the finished product and admire your hard work.


Virtual Reality

Have you seen the movie Ready Player One? If you have you will probably remember the headsets they wore to go into the “Oasis,”. Well those headsets are real and are buyable today (below). If you’ve ever wanted to feel like your someplace your not try virtual reality. Ever wanted to do first person in one of your favorite games? You can do that! Have you ever wanted to fly and have superpowers? You can also do that. There are endless possibilities. You might say that you can do all of this on a console or a computer. Yes, but this is different, this is first person. When you put on the headset you see through your avatar’s eyes not the computer’s. Virtual Reality or VR is a glimpse into what the future might me. In a few years Virtual Reality or VR will be used for all electronic needs.


Did you know that there are real jetpacks? There are many all over the world including this one (below). It is truly amazing that this once crazy fictional creation is now real. The real jetpacks are not as cool as the ones in the movies, they are much slower and can’t go as high. Although they aren’t as cool they are in the movies they still look amazing and must be very cool to see in person.

Solder Person

In Technology we made people out of wire and solder. We had to twist the wires to make a body and legs and the extra wire we had would be the arms. When we have done that we go to the solder which is a hot knife like tool. We use the solder to glue the person together with a special metal. After we have to let it dry but then the person is complete.  People have made their people many things some are playing sports and some are even Dabbing! I put mine into a position where I don’t even know has he’s doing. In all this has been a fun experience making solder people.

Flying cars

For many years Flying Cars have been a myth and a seemliness impossible feat to pull off, but now many companies are trying to figure out how to make one work. Many years ago people dreamed about creating self driving cars which seemed impossible, although now they are a reality. Now the same might come true  for flying cars. Many companies have made prototypes of them (Picture Below) and have had successful test runs. Now that self driving cars are on the market flying cars may become a reality.


In the beginning of the school year our school gave us I-pads. These I-pads have replaced the chromebooks that my grade have been using since 4th grade. They have been very useful, we can do more things on the I-pads, they have more apps that are used to make many things easier. My grade is the first to use the I-pads throughout each house. I-pads are now used excessively and almost everything we do are on the I-pads. Giving my grade I-pads is a big step forward to making school more easy for everyone.

Breakout EDU II

Yesterday in Technology we did a breakout EDU. The room was split up in two and there were two boxes that each team had to unlock. One box had a key that unlocked the cabinet that had safety goggles in them. I had a good time with my team trying to work together to open the box. Sadly my team didn’t open our box first, but we had they key, and both teams finished before the timer ran out. Breakout EDU is a fun experience that teaches teamwork, my team tried to work together the best we could even if we didn’t always get along  we worked together and succeeded in the end.