Tech Post #10

In the end Tech was really fun and enjoyable. We learned and did a bunch of very fun things. We started by learning about atoms, elcotrons, and protons. Then we learned about circuits. After that we got to make 3 different switches out of card board. Then we learned about bread boards. And finally we made flash light. Tech was my favorite quarterly and it was really fun.

Tech Post #9

A while ago me ad my friends made a pettition for playing the song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. We got bassicaly the whole class to sign this pettition. And after a lot of persuading Mr. Calvert finally let us play it at the end of the class. It was really fun and exciting. This is just another one of the good thingsĀ  about Tech with Mr. Calvert.

Tech Post #8

Recently we have been working on making a flashlight from scratch. It was a really fun activity. The first step was to make a diagram of the flashlight. The flashlight needs to fit in this small carboard box. The second step was to cut the pipes to make them hower long it was in our diagram. After that the third step was to cut the wires to make them as long as they were in the diagram. After that we had to solder the wires, lightbulb, and switch together. Then using the drills we had to make holes for the switch and flashlight. Then all we had to is assemble it, and we were done.

Tech Post #7

Today we played a game with the three different switches we made. The game we played was called the switch card game. The rules of this game were bassically there were to people who flipped over two cards from two different decks. If there was a red card on the right on the right side then you would use the right switch. Same with the other side. If there were two red cards you would do the middle switch. If they were both black you would do nothing. If you had the fastest time, and the least mistakes, you would win.

Tech Post #6

We have also been working on three different switches, for a switch card game. We had to make three original switches, that worked in different ways. One of my switches was a classic switch, that was really easy to make. My second switch was also not that hard to make, but it took a really long time to make, and I used way to much hot glue, ( I also accidently ended up burning my hand really bad with the hot glue, and I was supposed to pitch the next day.) My third switch was really complicated, and har to make, I messed up twice so I had to make it again, and it took a really long time.

Tech Post #5

Recently we have been working on solder person. First we had to make the body and arms, then we had to solder them together. We made the body by twirling a five inch wire around about four times. It took me about five tries, it was really had to do. Then we had to shape our arms. After that I was ready to solder the body and arms together. First I had to out them on to the third arms, and then I had to clean the actual solder iron. After that I had to hold it to the part where I was going to connect it for 15 seconds, then I put the solder on, and it held them together. It ended up looking like really cool, I made it t-posing.

Tech post #4

Today our do now was on the chromebook, we had to make a circuit where two light bulbs light up. We had to make it so that if one light bulb turned off, the other one won’t turn off. Later on we actually got to make a series circuit, in real life!!! At first I could not get it to turn on, but later on I figured out my wires were lose. Eventually I got it to work, even my switch started to work. Tech was really fun today. I never imagined I would get a light bulb to actually light up, but I actually did.

Technology post #3

Today we started to learn about circuits. The word circuits comes from the word circuit. Our do now was really cool, on the chromebook we had to create a circuit that made a lightbulb turn on. We learned how to make the lightbulb turn on, it was really cool. I even made 4 lightbulbs light up. We learned that resistors help slow down the electrons, this makes sure our light bulbs donĀ“t catch on fire. Because if the electrons move to fast then the batteries will catch on fire. I thought it was really cool. Technology is a really fun class.

Technology post #2

Today we learned about atoms, protons, and neutrons. Protons are positively charged. Electrons are negatively charged. And neutrons are are neutral. We also learned that you can keep on splitting things for ever. Nuclear bombs are made by splitting an atom. We also learned about the periodic table on The periodic table shows all the different types of atoms. We learned about very interesting things, tech was really fun today.


Our first couple of days were really fun, we did an EDU breakout. If we opened the locks we got into the box and go the keys for the safety goggle cabinet. An EDU breakout is an activity where you have to find clues and try to open the locks on the bok. If we opened the box we got the key to the safety goggles.