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Hi, my name is Vedaant I am 9 years old. I have a twin brother. My favorite foods are pizza, hot dogs and dessert. My favorite sport is Cricket. Some of the games on my iPad are Clash Of Clans, Flippy Bottle Extreme, Minecraft and Clash Royale, but my top favorite game is Clash Royale.


My favorite foods are pizza and hot dogs, I mean who doesn’t like pizza and hot dogs? My favorite dessert are hot fudge brownie sundaes. A hot fudge brownie sundae has a warm brownie, vanilla ice cream, and Hershey’s chocolate sauce, or whipped cream.


My Favorite sport is cricket. Cricket was made in England and is kind of like baseball. My dad introduced me to cricket, he also taught me most of the rules of cricket.


My favorite game is Clash Royale, it is probably the most popular iPad game right now. It is a game about strategy.

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  1. Vedaant-
    I love your blog post. I never knew that you played cricket, that is so cool! I like to play Clash Royale too. What are the rules in cricket?

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