Rambling Autobiography

Hey guys, here is my rambling auto.

Gun Games Are Not Allowed


I once ate grass because my mom told me greens are good for me. I like chocolate, but too much white chocolate gives me a headache. I once bought a pair of shoes then I lost them. I love the pool. Once when I was diving of the high dive I wanted to belly flop but I ended up front flipping. I also love wave pools. Once when the wave was so high I thought I drowned but I didn’t. I like to read. I absolutely love video games, I once stayed up till 1:00 A.M. playing Destiny 2 and Call of Duty Ultimate Warfare. My mom doesn’t allow me to play gun games, but it was at my friend’s house. I like to jump on trampolines. I once tried to backflip but I landed on my face. I also like to eat Doritos. I once stole a pack from my brother and ate it in 2 seconds flat. Once me and my friend Max were trying to steal from my dad’s secret stash which was all my candy he stole. But it didn’t end well. My favorite movie is Spiderman Homecoming. I like to play soccer. When I was playing inside I broke my dad’s favorite wine glass. I love pranking my parents. Once when my mom was making brownies. I switched the sugar with salt. When my mom tasted it she spit it out. And to this day she still doesn’t know who did it. I love staplers for some reason, I don’t know why. I once stapled my nail. Once while I was playing baseball I tried to slide home. It didn’t work. I had to crawl to home plate. I moved twice I lived in India and Hong Kong.  


The Hard Way

Hey guys here is a little part of my story

“I can’t,” I yelled back to Max. I saw him getting into his kayak and starting to come over. He reached in about a minute. I was surprised at how fast he got here even though it was raining and there was the current pushing. His white and blue kayak looked more like a Jet Ski than a kayak.

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I Let Loose

 I Let Loose


I am from  playing video games. My brother and I wake up every morning and start playing Fifa. We play every day. I once stayed up ‘til midnight playing. I am from playing video games.

I am from playing Cricket in our backyard. My Dad and I play every day in the summer. We play for five hours or even more. I watch cricket too. I am from playing cricket in our backyard.

I am from climbing trees. I climb the tree in our backyard every day. Once when one of my baseball’s got stuck up there, I climbed up to the ball and threw it back down. But now the tree is not there because it got cut down.

I am from my dad’s spicy scrambled eggs. Every weekend when I wake up I smell the scrambled eggs from my room. Every morning when he makes the scrambled eggs I take two servings, sometimes maybe even three. I am from my dad’s spicy scrambled eggs.

I am from from fighting my brother. Every time he annoys or teases me I feel so tempted to break his nose. Sometimes I let loose and hit him, but most of the time I just hold it in. I am from fighting my brother.       

Finish It Off

Here is one of my narratives, this is the excerpt of Finish It Off. 

I  picked up one of the tiny pieces of glass. As I was holding up the piece of glass, I thought about what my mom was going to say. I gulped. Was she going to ground me for being a part of this? Then I heard footsteps coming, I thought it was my mom and we were in really big trouble. She was going to see what had happened…

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