I Let Loose

 I Let Loose


I am from  playing video games. My brother and I wake up every morning and start playing Fifa. We play every day. I once stayed up ‘til midnight playing. I am from playing video games.

I am from playing Cricket in our backyard. My Dad and I play every day in the summer. We play for five hours or even more. I watch cricket too. I am from playing cricket in our backyard.

I am from climbing trees. I climb the tree in our backyard every day. Once when one of my baseball’s got stuck up there, I climbed up to the ball and threw it back down. But now the tree is not there because it got cut down.

I am from my dad’s spicy scrambled eggs. Every weekend when I wake up I smell the scrambled eggs from my room. Every morning when he makes the scrambled eggs I take two servings, sometimes maybe even three. I am from my dad’s spicy scrambled eggs.

I am from from fighting my brother. Every time he annoys or teases me I feel so tempted to break his nose. Sometimes I let loose and hit him, but most of the time I just hold it in. I am from fighting my brother.       

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