I Let Loose

 I Let Loose


I am from  playing video games. My brother and I wake up every morning and start playing Fifa. We play every day. I once stayed up ‘til midnight playing. I am from playing video games.

I am from playing Cricket in our backyard. My Dad and I play every day in the summer. We play for five hours or even more. I watch cricket too. I am from playing cricket in our backyard.

I am from climbing trees. I climb the tree in our backyard every day. Once when one of my baseball’s got stuck up there, I climbed up to the ball and threw it back down. But now the tree is not there because it got cut down.

I am from my dad’s spicy scrambled eggs. Every weekend when I wake up I smell the scrambled eggs from my room. Every morning when he makes the scrambled eggs I take two servings, sometimes maybe even three. I am from my dad’s spicy scrambled eggs.

I am from from fighting my brother. Every time he annoys or teases me I feel so tempted to break his nose. Sometimes I let loose and hit him, but most of the time I just hold it in. I am from fighting my brother.       

One thought on “I Let Loose

  1. Vedaant,
    This story/ I am from text is very discriptive and tells a little about your life, what you like to do and it tells us about you. This story points the valuable and important things to you in your life which makes this text ten times better. You told us some of the good times like playing FIFA with your brother and playing cricket with your dad and then the bad times like when your brother annoys you, this reminds that life is not perfect and you shouldn’t expect it to. What was your favorite thing thst you did that you told us about in this text?


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