8 thoughts on “If Something Bad Happens It Is Not The End Of The World

  1. Dear Vedaant,

    I love how you explain something important in a fun way. I agree with you if you make a mistake try to makeup for it, but it is certainly not the end of the world.

    From Jojo

  2. Hi Vedaant,
    I really liked your meme. It was funny and somewhat inspirational. What was your inspiration for this meme? Bye!

  3. Dear Vedaant,
    I thought this meme was very clever. It reminds us that it is okay to make a mistake. I thought your picture matches the words very nicely. I am looking forward to seeing some more amazing memes.


  4. Vedaant,
    I really love this message because whenever something bad happens people are upset by it. They have to remember that thing will change if they work for it. This is a very powerful meme.


  5. Very nice meme Dante 🙂 Many times I think I’ll never get something done because I messed up or something but this told me that is not ever true. Well done.


  6. Hi Vedaant,
    I thought you meme is inspiring to people because if you mess up, you would get up set ,but if you try again, maybe it will work out.

    Chloe G

  7. Vedaant,
    What I like most about your meme is that it is true, some times I am so worried about making a mistake, that I can never get anything done. I also think that your picture fits perfectly with your meme.
    P.S. What was your inspiration for this meme?

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